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This weekend had some great social and lively games. It has been a while since I have truely enjoyed myself at the men's table. At times it can be well, to put it simple, a bit boring. Especially, when you don't see much action. This weekend, however, I found new life in our men. It was quite nice. Perhaps, I was in a better state of mind, who knows.

Friday was a night at TheMark. It was good company but I swear to you I had 1/2 dozen playable hands the entire night. Not extremely exciting. Lastnight's game was better but suprisingly tight as hell. Full table and we played that way for several rounds before anyone was remotely close to going out. Wasn't getting much and being blinded to death. When I did tried to play my pocket pairs the flop was brutal to me. I was able to completely turned my game around. Doubled up twice against Otis. got lucky but that's ok. (once w/ 68o vs. AQ?). I stayed out of the way for a bit and took home 2nd to TheMark. After the tourney we played a points game and ran into major trouble when I couldn't lay down top two pair and got out kicked for all my chips. the worst part is that TheMark wouldn't back down not even for me. Just goes to show you all fair in love and poker.
I was extremely happy with the amount of discipline I was able to hang on to. That is the key to many tourney's. I know you have to pick the right time to make moves but many times your mind plays tricks on you and tells you, you'd rather take a chance than sit there all night. But the truth is we all would rather sit there with a chance to win rather than be on the rail. That's when you know you got bit by the poker bug. We all have it now and if you don't yet and you play often. Beware you'll get bit. TheMark and I were just discussing late lastnight how awesome it would be to be a true poker's couple. Not many out there and we would be great if I say so myself. He gets more play time than I do but I could do some major damage if had similar play time. One of these days, I'll be wearing a bracelet. Although I doubt anyone would let TheMark forget I won more or got a bracelet before he did. Somethings enter your life for a reason and poker has bit us both in the ass so hard it is just a matter of time before it happens.

I don't want to talk it to death but my vegas trip is only 18 days away. And I am counting the days.

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