What a Trip!

When I say I am taking a trip, I mean it. It has been a long time between blogs and I apologize for being slack. Jet lag will do that to you. ANYWAY, I had a fabulous time. We stayed at Ceasar's. That was ok. Not overly impressed but that is where the group was staying so we went with the flow, plus they comped us a couple of nights. The first night we got there Daniel was doing some promo at Ceasar's Poker Room. It was cool to see him in action. LOVE DANIEL. Just an awesome guy. The next day we were able to see "Shieky", "Mike the Mouth", and Billy Baxter mixing it up with a $400/800 mixed games. Poor "Shieky" was gettin' it hard from Mike and lost 10k to Billy. They played for hours so I am not sure the end result. But it was exciting to see the action. I was playing $1/2 NL and did rather well. That is my favorite game. Fortunately can laugh at myself so I don't mind sharing with the world that I made a major "oops" at the table. Luckily, it worked out for me. I was hitting a dry spell with my cards and for a tight box like myself it can get boring very quickly. I limped in w/KQh, trying to build the pot a bit. I had a couple of aggressive players to my left and knew I would get some action, and I did. So, I call his raise. I call it all the way down until the river, when I attempted to make a bluff with a huge pot size raise. I thought my tight image plus the fact that I hadn't played a hand in about 40 minutes would be enough to buy the pot. That strategy didn't work. He called and as I was turning over my cards I said "I think you got me beat. Nice call." I was in shock to realize I misread my cards. I didn't have KQh, I had KJo. Which was enough to give me the K high straight and I didn't even know it. At least I know enough to flip my cards over and let them speak for themselves. After that I played for about 20 more min. and realized I needed to get up and go before I make that mistake again and it doesn't work out for me.


One more "poker hand" story. I was playing the same game at the Wynn. I love the Wynn but hate the slow ass service, even when you tip big they are still freakin' slow so I started to double order my drinks. Anyway , I was holding my own but not getting great cards so my stack was slowly dwindling until light from the Poker Gods themselves shined upon me. I was on the button and got AK. I raised it to $15 and got 2 callers. flop came junk. I bet $30. Both called. Turn came more junk. I bet $60. One fold. One call. River was more junk. I bet $60 again and he folded. Not sure what he was looking for since there wasn't any draws, but it didn't come. The very next hand I was dealt KK. I was singing in my head. I scooped $100 pot from that. The very next hand after K's, I get AA. I know I must have had some kind of tell. I just couldn't believe the three hands in a row just kept getting better. I jammed the pot, hoping someone thought I was out of my mind and didn't have crap but I didn't get a caller that time. I would rather win a few blinds with my AA's then lose a shit load. I didn't show any of my cards although I was dying too.
Of course after that I didn't get a playable hand for the rest of my session. I was on such a high from getting those cards, it didn't matter.

Trip Results:
up a couple hund.
+20 off a proper bet w/ TheMark.
the price of a 10 carat diamond ring in the Cartier window at Wynn.
Stina 500k+ / Mark: 500k- Results:625K
Don't mess with a girl and her diamonds....

As far as the rest of the trip is concerned, we ate some unbelievably good food. It was unreal. We had limo rides to and from all casinos. Walked passed almost a thousand people waiting in line to get into Pure and walked right in. The club is insane. I could definitely do some damage in there. AND the Pussycat Lounge is HOTT! I was excited to see them do there thing. and somewhat jealous. In my younger year, I would have joined them. What a blast! I ate raw oysters on the half shell for the first time at Spago's. UNREAL! LOVE 'EM! They are so tastey, no salt water taste. SW's was off the hook. And room service was great, since our view of the Bellagio fountains was incredible.
Sorry to go on about this trip but I can't help but be in love with VEGAS. It is such a rush to go. It is definitely my drug of choice and I am an addict.

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