WSOP Ladies Event

I can’t believe the date I last blogged. I am positive any audience I once had has given up on any future entries but I will blog-on anyway. So, where do I pick up…..

WSOP Ladies Event:

I had been playing a few satellites to win my seat into the Ladies Event but that didn’t go my way. So, I had to buy my way in. I was seated at one of the last tables. I was very nervous. This was the largest event I had ever played in. There were over 1100 women entered with a prize pool over 1 million for the first time ever. There weren’t a lot of people I recognized. Fortunately, I sat at the same table with one of them. She was disguised with an army style hat and glasses but I saw right through it. She started her career in Soap Industry: Santa Barbara & Another World, and continued with multiple movies, but very publicly noted as Ellen D’s girlfriend for about 18 months. Not too sure what Ellen did or didn’t do but Anne Heche wasn’t sticking around and went back to men. Actually, she found happiness and married not too long afterward. I noticed her at my table and knew exactly who she was. We had a brief introduction but then it was all about poker.

She seemed to be a very serious player. I was involved in a pot with her and took it down without showing the nuts. I was playing some really good poker. One thing I picked up on very quickly at the tables I played is that women don’t mess around too much. The ladies I played with pushed with pocket pairs 99% of the time. I had been playing for about 5 hours when I decided to loosen up and call a min raise with Q3o. I was in the big blind. The flop came Qxx. I hit my Q but had kicker problems. I made a pot sized bet and the other lady took a minute but called. There weren’t any flush draws or straight draws so I knew she had a Q and I was definitely out kicked. I knew right there the only way I was going to win this pot was to make a serious bluff. The turn came a blank. I pushed all in and sweating it……… she thought for an eternity and then folded but not before SHOWING her QJ. An older lady at the other end of the table made some kind of comment about laying it down and they all asked me to show my cards but I did not. I have no idea what she put me on but I don’t care. I needed a drink after that one.

I was looking great at this point. I had played a few flops but when I missed quickly got away from it. I was feeling tense and had a massage at the table which was incredible and highly recommend everyone do it. It allowed me to focus so much better. I am into the 6th hour of play and about 450 players left. I made it more than half way. I was waiting for a good hand to double up with. It took a little while but found a good one. I look down to pocket Q’s. I raised 4 times the big blind. I wasn’t going to fool around with it. The older lady down at the end thought for awhile and then re-raised me all in. I thought about what she would do that with and the only conclusion was a pocket pair but could she have K’s or A’s? So, I thought……then finally said xxck it I am going for it. I called. She had me covered but when she flipped over 10’s, I was somewhat happy. The flop came xx10, and I went from favorite to underdog as fast as lightening. I didn’t improve and was knocked out. I was curios as to how deep I had made it. According to Card Players last count 20 minutes before I was eliminated there were about 420 players.

I wouldn’t change a single thing except perhaps the 10 high flop. I look at it this way, I will never know if I would have gotten away from that hand anyway so I would rather go out in that fashion than be out played.
Would I do it again?
Every chance I can get but I wouldn’t be as nervous next time.

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Otit said...

Just wanted to let you know that I am really enjoying your blog. You are doing a great job at making it interesting and I like the way you write. It also sounds like you are playing some excellent poker! I'm looking forward to the next post.