Bring It On!

The past week has been a complete disaster. The aftermath is similar to that of an train wreck or a internal tornado ripping through only the inside of our bodies and house. It all started last week after dropping of my sister's rugrats, ya know the ones I so graciously kept the week prior. We met at a McD's to do the drop and the gates of hell opened upon us like never before. Last Tuesday the rugrats came down with a fever and coughing and just plain being miserable. I took them to the MD and it was diagnosed as the flu. Treatment would involve over the counter meds and lots of rest. cool no problem. I can handle that. What I couldn't handle was the migraine that plagued my body. I was in bed for two days only getting up when absolutely necessary. So now three women are hacking, headaches, aching, fever, etc. (luckily no fever for me but had all the rest) I feel most sympathy for The Mark who has had to listen to all of us and treat us. By the grace of God, of the poker gods (since he has been playing), he has avoided getting any major symptoms. Without him I think I would have just laid down like a dog waiting to die. I haven't felt this bad, ever. It was easier giving birth than having to deal with this crap all week.

I manage to get the oldest rugrat back in school Monday. I hit the car pool line in my best sweat pants and sweat shirt. With the littlest one in the car seat hacking I am just praying the PTA doesn't have anyone asking for donations while we drive through the line. As I am rolling in the never ending pile of cars, I hear a "pop", a light flashes inside my driver dash. As I investigate I hear "thug, thug,thug". I must have hit something. Oh ya, I took a couple of nice chunks out of the side of my tire. Not only do I have to tie up the car pool line but now I have to expose my nastiness to the entire school as I wait for the guy to change my tire. I have one thing in my favor. I have the best hubby in the world. He never losses his temper with me. Even when I do some really stupid shit. He truly is my soul mate. After having my car less than 2 months and popping the tire in car pool line of all places, anyone else might have ripped me a new one but he was just concerned about getting me outta there. What a great guy.

As the week has progresses, we are still miserable and not getting sleep on top of that. The littlest one went to the MD again since her hacking has continued for a full 7 days non-stop and not eating anything. We waiting 2 hours in the office for the x-rays to indicate she has two small spots on her lungs and will be treated for pneumonia. GREAT! First the flu, now pneumonia, what next.....bring it on we are ready you devilish piece of shit. Satan thinks he has gotten the best of us but he doesn't know us very well. BRING IT ON!

As far as I am concerned I am the walking dead but will get conformation on that this afternoon after meeting with my MD. Now the rugrats MD told me it was the flu and to take over the counter meds but I think I will get a second opinion so I am positive that this torture they call the flu is really the flu and not strep, bronchitis, or pneumonia. I don't give a crap what it is as long as the meds they give me treat the yellow shit coming out my nose and the green shit I am hacking out of my lungs. Can't say that I have ever felt this bad. Luckily, I only get sick every 5 years or so but perhaps the Lord knows that is all I can handle. If I had to do this every season I would have kill myself.

Updates to follow....

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AlCantHang said...

That sucks, hope everyone gets well soon. Luckily I've dodged all the different flu's floating around this winter.

And now I just hosed myself.