I am back and had a blast. More to come on the Nashville trip but first I need to ask my fellow readers to please pray for a very close family friend of mine.

I haven't talked to much about my faith on this blog. Not because I don't have any but because this is mostly used for random facts that don't have much meaning but today is different.

A person I grew up with, my parents best friend, someone I consider an uncle, has been fighting prostate cancer with some success, until recently. He went to the hospital for a standard MRI to determine how the treatment had been going. After returning home from the MRI, his legs felt numb and he decided to return to the hospital to have it checked out. Once he did, the doctors gave him some very disappointing news. The cancer has spread to his spine. In addition to prostate cancer, he now has two additional tumors. One located in the front of his spine and the other behind the spine. This has paralyzed him from the waist down with the exception slight movement in his toes. The doctors are not confident a surgery can be done at this time considering the placement of the tumors. If they decide to operate there is a strong chance the cancer with spread. Something with the oxygen after hitting the open wound/tumor, magnifies they chance of further spreading throughout his body.

I am asking you to please pray for him, his wonderful wife, his three grown children, and for his amazing grandchildren. They are kind and generous people that are in need of the Lord's hand.
There may be some of you that are not of a faithful nature and I ask you to please use my faith and read this pray out loud:

Lord, please place your healing hands on this precious man. Remove the horrible toxins from his body and restore him to a condition so he will be able to live, love, and engage with the family and friends that love him so much. Give him the strength to endure the fight that lies ahead of him and extend the same to his family. Amen.

I want to thank you for reading this today. Please revisit as many times as you can. My uncle and his family are in need of your support and prayer.

Thank you for your time and prayers.

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Thanks for sharing this. I hope everything is ok.