I have been gone for a very long time. I'm not sure why. Perhaps I let other things occupy my time perhaps just not wanting to make the effort. I miss writing. I don't write about anything profound but I find it therapeutic. So read if you like....otherwise it'll just be my online expression.

So many things have happened in my life the past couple of years...some good some bad but mostly I'm grateful for some very special connections in my life. Without my peeps....life wouldn't be as fun or interesting or special. The first connection in my life is my hubby...He is my best friend. Although he may not want me to publish this ...(too bad)..he has such a tender soul. He is kind and generous to others. God blessed him with the ability to forgive....more easily than I can. I admire his conviction and his work ethic. We aren't millionaires but we aren't poor either. He strives to obtain all he can to provide a great life for us but not at the expense of others. Most people in this world do not consider others before thinking of themselves first but he is an exception. Although our personalities are very different in many ways...it works well for us. Second important connection / blessing is my girls. I pray God will guide me to mold them in a positive and loving way. They are my legacy and mark on the world. It is important to me to do a great job in providing them with a sense of self worth they can be proud of. My girls are loving, expressive, full of life, and bring me and others a lot of joy. Third connection in my life is my family and friends. My mother and father are always available to listen to me. They want to hear my joys and my concerns. They make time for me even when it is inconvenient to them. I notice as they grow older and the economy takes its toll on them that they still try to find small ways to connect. I'm so proud of the way they raised me and the value system they taught me. I can also give them credit for my outgoing personality. Yes, I'll admit I'm a little in your face at times but definitely genuine and my heart is in the right place. That may be the "Yankee" in me...who knows?! My dearest friends know who they are. They are the ones I call to share a happy moment or when I need a shoulder to cry on. They are a support and love in my life. They are few in number but bountiful in all areas that matter. Ironically the most important connection in my life I saved for last and one that I have been neglecting.... My relationship with God has been stagnent so I have decided to do something about it. I am rebuilding something I find comfort and joy in....like an old project that needs to be finished... I'm not proud that I have neglected my connection with God but very happy He is so forgiving and non-judgemental. He is a friend for life that won't ever get upset with me...even when I don't return his call, e-mail, text, facebook, or skype. It is a connection I want to rebuild.

Do you want to reconnect with someone in your life? It may not be as profound as mine but reconnection is important and can start in small ways. True friends and loving family will welcome a reconnection with an open heart. The world today is so concerned with money and obtaining things... that it becomes so easy to forget it still takes people to make money and things happen. The connection gets lost. Where are the simple days of chillin' out, picnics, or genuinely asking how someone is doing because you really want to know and not because it is something to say.

Next time you ask "how is it going?" take just a moment to think.......are you just asking to be polite or are you truly interested in finding out about their life. Try taking a moment to ask that same question to someone you really want to know about....how long did the conversation last? ... Did you ask any more questions or share anything about yourself?

Getting to know someone and connecting on a deeper level is so much more rewarding. And they get to know more about you too.....it's one of life's greatest joys.

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