What a trip !

I realize it has been quite some time since my last entry but I have an excellent excuse. My birthday present was a trip to Jersey to see family, friends, and play poker. It was a blast. We took the kids to the beach, fed the birds popcorn, and had the largest pizza pie you could ever imagine. (Saw Mill, Seaside Park, NJ)
This thing was at least 2-3 ft. in diameter. (will attach photo, if can).

Now on to the really good stuff.

Of course we went to A.C. TheMark and I left the kids with TheGranma and headed to A.C. about 11:30 PM Wed. night. When we arrived an hour later at the Borgata, there were 15 players still in The WPT Borgata Open prelim's. They were going to play until the field had 6 players. So, we decided to sit down and join the poker crowd. On our way to the chip window we ran into a fellow blogger, Pauly.
He had been there covering the event all week and mentioned we were the life he needed after such a long day. It was nice to see a familiar face, although his wasn't the only one we saw. Kathy Liebert, John D'Agastino, and Evelyn Ng were all still playing. It was a very cool experience to view in person. But after about 15 minutes of peering through a crowd, I was ready for action.

I have had casino poker action experience before but it was on Limit tables. TheMark suggested I step it up to No-Limit. Since I do well against our self proclaimed pro, Otis, I nervously grabbed some chips and took a seat. I quickly realized it was no different than sitting down with BadBlood, Otis, GRob, and the Team Smith's. No problem, I can handle this.

After a while this loud full bellied laughing chap walks up to the table and sat in his friends seat, started playing his cards, and losing his money. At first I wasn't sure how this was going to affect the table, so I was cautious. We were at a $1/2 no limit table and the highest raise preflop had been $15. There was one aggressive player at the table mixing it up and now we had two. Mr. JackA_s, as I liked to call him, backed down once "The Pro", started raising every pot he entered to $30.

Yes, we actually had a professional poker player grace us with his presence at our max buy in $300 table. I cover the circuit pretty well but not at much as I should so I didn't realize who he was when he sat down. He brought life to our little game. It was a pleasure and honor to play with him...if you call what he was doing playing...I call it donating. If he really wanted to play it wouldn't have been with those guys...it would have been with just me.

After he had been at the table my blogger friend whispered in my ear, "Do you know who that is? That is Gavin Smith, he won the WPT @ Mirage". Then it all started to make sense. He wasn't a drunk trying to screw up our game. He was buzzing, having a good time, and keeping a eye on his friend John D'Ag. Big difference. The 3 inch stack of $100's should have been my first clue but I was in early stages of sleep deprivation.

Now let's get to the hands,
Gavin likes to play a lot of hands and was doing so right from the start. Anyone that wanted to play didn't need to necessarily have a good hand just $30 to see the flop.
I got involved in a few hands but only one that is mentionable. He did his standard $30 preflop, I called with AQs. I figure I would get paid off nicely. The flop comes trash with two of my hearts. I check, he bets $60, I call. Risky call for a tight player, only having A high but prayed for my heart on the river for my nut flush. I saw him playing junk and put him on 2 pair so I needed my heart. Did it come? YES, I sucked Gavin Smith...I mean sucked OUT on Gavin Smith. I was a river queen that time and pushed all in and got paid off. He did indeed have two pair on the flop. It was a nice hand. TheMark will have to tell you his own suck out story involving Gavin.

Needless to say, Gavin graciously donated $1500 - $2000 at our table and had us all in stitches. It was such a pleasure to sit with him and if we have an event here at TheMark I will be sure to pass along an invite to him. After he left the table I was able to speak to him about his own blog, and get a photo opp. with him, and fellow pro Andy Bloch. He gave me his site and asked for me to pass along mine since I had a major brain fart couldn't remember the name and doubt he would have either with the amount of liquids he was consuming.

At 5AM they had their final six for the next day's final table. How do I know, because we were still playing and finally stopped around 8AM. The front desk graciously gave us our room key and off to bed it was before another night full of poker.

My next blog: WPT Borgata Open.

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