I won on Poker Stars.com! A small tourney but still came in 1st. I redeemed myself. I still prefer live action but no matter how you cut it...I like playing poker. It is a game of intellegence. The rush of getting the nuts and bluffing with garbage is so awesome. Just a twisted feeling of getting the better of someone and coming up on top. Nothing better.

All day today I was reminded, from many family and friends, that I am no longer in my 20's. Yes it is true. I am 30, today! Now, there are some who have told me so what, get over it, you will only get older. Others are even sympathetic. I, on the other hand, have no reasonable idea why I am be bummed to be 30 but just am. It seems as I'm getting older I'm realizing it isn't about the number of years I have lived but the number of years I have left to live. There are so many things I would like to do in my lifetime that at times I fear the hour glass trickling down. Day in and day out we go through the normal routine and day dream of the things we wished we could be doing. At what point do we get to do those dreams or even try to go after them. Most of them either require more money or more time both of which are valuable commodities these days.

The moral of this story: not too sure, just food for thought in the mind of a women entering her 3rd decade.


Daddy said...

Happy belated.

Just found out you had a blog. Let me know if you need any "entertainment" at your next Ladies' Night.

I can shake my biscuits like a motherfuck.

teamscottsmith said...

As long as the food for thought is a popcicle, or a pickle, or a kielbasa, or banana, you'll always be a hot, young, sexy, tilt-machine for Otis!