WPT Borgata Open

I went, I saw, I conquered. Yes, conquered my first WPT event as a spectator. What an ordeal. I have to admit it was the most unorganized event I have attended in a long time. They didn't even have a mic so you could hear what was being said. It was like taking a step back in time. When they say first come first serve seating they mean. Don't think you can go take a crap because you'll lose your seat. Good thing I took care of my bodily functions before the taping began.

There I said my peace. Now on to the positive moments. I was lucky enough to get a front row seat with Andy Bloch sitting behind me. He had some very good commentary during the final table. It was exciting to see how the taping takes place. I know there is one burning question out there: "Is that real money on the table when it is heads up?". No. Expensive Prop money is what I was told. The money presentation had a couple of takes. When watching on TV, it looks so effortless. When it aires you will see several All-In moves from various players including several suck outs. Overall a great experience and was thrilled to have done it. Not sure I would stay for the entire taping again but worth seeing.
After the taping was over, I was able to get in some photo opp's w/ Vince & Mike. TheMark snag the host lady (not that impressed, but still nice), and some others. I still have more shots being developed and will post those when available.
The only thing missing in this whole event was our poker friends. They could have enhanced our experience beyond our expectations. Two is great but more is better!

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You're a rock star!