An Online Winner

TheMark made a most generous donation into my PokerStars.com account and told me to have fun. I stepped up to the plate and bought into a $5 NL single table tourney to get my feet wet. Not really a big deal, right. Well for a competitor like me, I play the same whether it is for $5 or $500,000. Just the way I am. This is why at times TheMark and I can get into some heated conversations about poker hands when we play together and probably why most husbands prefer their wives to not be a part of their poker world. I am grateful we share a passion for the same thing. Most situations we agree to disagree since we are both very competitive. Why play if you aren't going to play to win?
The tourney started around 6:30pm and we had The Bloods and more coming to TheMark around 8pm. So, I thought I'd have enough time to finish. TheMark informed me I might not and I should have planned to be in front of the computer for a couple of hours. At this table, I could tell I had to play my best. They were a good group. So I played my game as best as I knew. The final hand I had A10 off and took out the last player. It worked out well for me and I took 1st place. My first real online $$ game and I took first. Cool. I now have an additional $22 in my account.
Several times I laid down what could have been the best hand but I am still shakey with online play. In live action many times , for me, it comes down to a feeling. Like, Jennifer Harmon, a gut feeling or natural instinct play a great deal in my play.
TheMark was right, it did take a couple of hours so I had a Bloody audience for my first online win. Those Bloods are good people. We have a great time with them.

TheMark was a happening place lastnight. We started a tourney and I didn't make it so I don't have too much to say about that. Scoop (TheMark's bro) took first place and that had been awhile for him at TheMark. congrats! After that we went to points play. The first two hands I raked in a bundle. Scoop had AA, I had A9 suited and hit my flush on the river. I took a chance and it paid off. The very next hand I was dealt AA. Raise em up. Shepy was my huckleberry and i took a bite out of his stack. I was feeling real good. As the night progressed I tried the hammer several times and came up short. Guess I was not meant to play it. And that is fine with me. I get more mad at myself for trying that crap than people calling me. TheMark made a semi-bluff at a large pot and i laid down top pair with top kicker...once again should have called. Perhaps that would have been an easy call for some, for me it was discipline. The rest of the evening was pretty uneventful and I was getting bored. I hung in there til the end which turned very profitable for me. The table decided to go blind for the last hand. Everyone called to see the flop. After the flop standard raise was made and G-Rob & TomTom folded. BadBlood bet 15 points after the turn. The Mark & TripleF laid it down. This left Shepy, BadBlood, & myself. All of which still had not peeked at a single card. BadBlood bet15 points again on the river and got two callers. We all turned it up. The board was xxJxJ. Shepy had K high. I think BadBlood had a small second pair. I had the winning J. The pot was about 95 points. Not a bad way to end an evening.


BadBlood said...

We, again, had a blast. As long as tripleF comes to your house, count me in. :)

G-Rob said...

I think its QuadF