No doubt about it I am slack....not sure how big my audience is anyway. Our two year old has decided to wake up crying every night between 2AM & 4AM. I think it has been a couple of months since we have had a solid night's sleep. I recently experienced a 5 hour stretch with the aide of some left over pain killers I had stashed for an emergency. This is an emergency. How well can a person be expected to perform even the most simple tasks when sleep deprivation is beyond dysfunctional. She has never had a problem like this before. I don't know what it is but I think if we don't get it worked out soon. We will be forced to send her to her grandmother's in Jersey until it is over.

This past weekend I went to Louisville, KY on a business conference.(www.mygatewaypage.com/thoennes)
It was extremely informative and enjoyable. I didn't get to see much of the city. When I wasn't in training, I was dreaming of a good night's rest without any crying or children coming into the bed. It was better than I was used to but not solid.

The worst part was the tornado that hit only the inside of my house while I was gone. When I arrived home I asked my husband what kind of God do we have if he allows such horrible acts to occur. He just shrugged and tilted his head. I told myself I was dreaming and went to bed. The next morning I realized it was no dream. There were clothes, towels, toys, dishes, etc. everywhere. The one positive outcome from this experience is that my husband clearly understands my schedule and how I manage to get it all done. Or does he?

Anyway, on a better note. This Friday is LPN. I can't wait. I hope I am able to catch a nap Fri. afternoon to recharge myself for that evening's event. I am really looking forward to it. I have been playing online a bit and placing decently. It is good practice for when it counts. (10/23)

There was an unusual incident that occurred lastnight. A guy cussed me out for making a large stab at a pot that he took down. I told him I didn't understand why he had to be a jerk. What was the big deal? He should have been happy for me to do that at any time but I guess it bothered him. In a live game with the "normal" crowd, I would have laughed about it but for some reason it pissed me off that a complete stranger dropped an f-bomb just because I made a large raise and missed my flush. Oh well. I know it was a bad play but it was a play money tourney not even the real deal. Hey, whatever floats someone's boat.

It is finally quiet on the home front so I will end this and try to rest while I can. And it is only 8pm. How pathetic?!


shep said...

I am in your audience. now go get some sleep

Anonymous said...

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