G-Vegas Babe!

6 Days!

Once again I have neglected my loyal readers for the demands of everyday life. I am so sorry to the both of you. I will do my best to update this blog properly. A few events have happened that need to be addressed.

November LPN Results:
#7: April
#6: Natalie
#5: Angela
#4: Lisa
#3: PokerBtch / MsALLin (me)
#2: Tonya
#1: MrsBlood

Bare with me if I make an error since I am going strictly on memory and it can be fuzzy often.

The gloves came off when it was heads up. We are all southern ladies, except me, but when we hit the felt some kind of chemical runs through our body to change our personalities and our attitudes. It is called: gotta-beat-this-btch-tilt. It definitely is not personal but it is part of the poker drug we all have had when we hit heads up play. Even at friendly "social" events. Amazing how poker can change you if you let it...what a mind game. It has happened to the best of us. Due to the hectic yet joyous holiday season December's LPN will be cancelled and we will pick back up in 2006.

Recently, I played in an 84 person tourney in G-Vegas that resulted with me going out on the bubble. This guy kept saying throughout the tourney how much "it would suck playing all that time and just getting your money back". Well, I experienced something worse. I played all that time, didn't get my money back and had to pay the sitter when I got home. Double whammy!
I had a decent tourney. Not getting much to play with but when I did, it paid off so I made it to the final table. They paid 8 places. I left in 9th place. I missed a key hand that would have put me in a position to cash in. I called with Q10c, raised after me, called by another, and I decided to lay it down. The flop came 3 clubs....would have had the nuts on the flop. They both missed the flop and had high cards. Both went all in and split pot with exact hand A10. Those chips would have put me in excellent position to sit back and wait for the final table. Perhaps next time. Just an example of loosing up your play to see that flop. Of course, after the facts are visible it is easy to make that call. Oh well. I am still proud to outlast 4 other women and a shit load of men. I could be dangerously successful with a decent bankroll and dependable sitter.


This G-Vegas babe has been extremely busy, with only 6 days to go, prioritizing all the activities in her life to ensure a smooth Las Vegas adventure. My journey has graduated from trip to adventure. It is an honor to be invited to work such an event. Only thing better was if I could play in it. Maybe TheMark can win a satellite into it and transfer it to me while I am there. Wouldn't that be awesome.

I am so excited to be a part of the Ultimate Poker Challenge. Thanks to Absolute Poker, I will be right in the middle of it all. I am working the event on their behalf and am confident I will do them proud. I am over qualified for my position but that can work to my advantage for sure.

What a rare opportunity it is for a G-Vegas amateur like myself. It will be such a pleasure to meet some of the excellent players I have read about. I have all these expectations for this trip. The most fundamental is to just have a good time. I had a dream the other night of sitting down with some of the best in a back room somewhere. You know what I am talking about. Just sitting back downing a few, playing, laughing, and enjoying the game. No stress of winning millions (although I'd like that too). I, of course, win and do it well on a bluff and with the nuts. Hey, it wouldn't be a good dream if I didn't win.

I think I have included all I needed to and more. Perhaps I will have another dream about my Vegas adventure that I can share before heading out.

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