I am researching the company I will represent in a few days. This includes spending a little time on their site to see how it navigates. As "PokerBtch3" on AP, I tried a couple single table tourneys to get my feet wet. The first one didn't go well due to computer malfunctions and was forfitted. After attempting to fix the glitch and praying it worked, I managed to find another table. The first hand someone knocks out 2 other players. A couple of hands later I get pocket rockets and wait to see what action I can get. I min. raise praying that the big stack after me will re-raise me and he does. I get two more callers and it is my turn to act. I push. Big stack pushes, one folds, one calls. 10,6,6,J,A. It was awesome. He had Jrag. I knew from that moment it was my tourney to take. I sat back and waited for my hands. Things went smooth. It was Big Stack and I in the final two and it ended with a bang. I raise big, he re-raises, I push, he calls. I had QQ, he had AJ. Needless to say he caught an A on the turn and I came in 2nd. But I was happy overall with how it went.

As far as the site mechanics, I thought they were fine. It is under further investigation. One issue that needs to be addressed is when viewing different windows AP window doesn't pop up when it is your turn to act. On Stars it does and I like that. Many times I am multi tasking when playing and I can get easily caught up in whatever it is I am doing. To be fair, I must try a wide variety of action and then have a final analysis.


BSN said...

I have ALOT of AP time. The wierdest thing... I play SNGs from .50 to 6.00. The $1.00 ar ethe toughest fields. $2 and $6 are pretty easy, lots of loose players, but those darn $1 players are uber-tight, especially on the bubble. Check it out, if you get a chance.


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