A Break?

I just read Up For Poker was taking a break for 6 months? I can't believe it's true. Although I totally understand how much time and energy must go into maintaining a great blog (although I personally don't do it). I count on going to their site and getting a poker / life pick me up. Now, Where am I going to get that poker pick me up. Guess it falls on Bad Blood now. That is a scary thought. Just kidding blood.

Get some rest guys but don't fade out. We all really enjoy your style and love reading your blogs. (At least this Btch does).


CJ said...

Don't worry, we're not going anywhere. It was a little joke after all the "we're going on break" posts.

Keep visiting, you'll still get lots of great stuff!

PokerBtch said...

i was one of those idiots who didn't page down to see it was a joke and further posted a serperate blog about it....duh.
Perhaps it is payback for my bitch moments...LOL

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