Happy Holidays

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas Day and will continue with an awesome Holiday season. Here on the home front the "little's" were getting restless. After getting "little 1" and "little 2" down for the count, Christmas Eve began for the adults. (And not how all ou men would like to think it began. you pigs.)

It took us several hours to put together a vanity, sink & stove combo, frig., puzzle box, and a few others. As always it was a late night. TheMark finished the entire kitchen set in the time it took me to finish the stupid vanity and I only had 6 screws in the entire set. I suck at that shit but fell sorry for TheMark and didn't want to leave him to do it all himself. I probably should have. He would have got it done faster. TheMark was thinking ahead or with his head when he had our hot tub fixed because after all our hard work we were able to unwind before hitting the sack for a few hours of sleep.

I made the frustrating mistake of snappping at TheMArk one night a week ago when discussing the horrible sleeping habits of "little 2". She wakes up every two hours just about every night screaming. I told TheMark I would take care of it all by myself if I had to.....and he said....uh..ok.
What a dumbass I am. I am a bitch when I don't get enough sleep. So, I am bitchy to "little 2" for no good reason when all she is doing is trying to get through the night. I become a different person after sleeping and get woken up every night, every two hours or so, with a screaming child. Normally, I am grumpy BUT this is way beyond grumpy. Any of you have suggestions, I'd love some. Since TheMark is on strike with this whole thing. I need some sleep!

Holy crap didn't even mention what Santa brought ME. How could I have overlooked that. It was your typical rip and go with the presents until the end. I gave TheMark a DVR recorder that he ahs been wanting. I think BadBlood needs to thank me. This will get TheMark off his back and I can have my Tivo back to normal now. All we have on our bedroom Tivo is WPT, WSOP, UPC,Learn from the Pros, etc. Now he can record them on a DVD and store them somewhere else. TheMark outdid himself this year for sure. He gave me the matching bracelet to my Tiffany necklace, a kick ass watch....AND asked me to marry him again. Got down on one knee and all. That is impressive especially since he already knows what he is getting and still asked again. Then he pulled out a NEW DIAMOND ring. I cried. For the first time I was truly shocked at a gift. It is awesome. Of course I said YES!
By the way, for those of you at a recent game at the Blood's, you might know this story but my engagement ring was recently misplaced. I don't wear it when cleaning and such so I had taken it off and the next day when I went to put it on it was gone. I was really upset and have been searching for it ever since. Long story long, TheMark had taken it with him for design reasons. I could kill him and kiss him at the same time. I was sooo worried it had gotten shoved somewhere, never to be found again. I should have known better.

Well, Santa came and threw up all over our house. So today, we will need to find a home for all our new items. Luckily, mine fits around my finger, and both wrists. Sorry, nothing to fit over the mouth!....

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Falstaff said...

congrats! Sounds like a great Christmas for you guys.

Yeah...good luck on that whole sleeping thing. Those of us without kids got no suggestions for ya. Except maybe tequila. For you or the kid. Whichever.