Mid week fun

Last night TheMark and I decided to put together a last minute game. I was looking forward to unwinding a bit after being sick for the holidays and beginning to feel back to normal. As the tourney began with most of the usual G-Vegas crowd, I thought it would be a good idea to unwind with a few Corona's that had been left from a previous night. All was going well until I realized I was giving G-Rob shit for no reason and commenting on every hand. TheMark shot me some looks telling me to shut the hell up already. I was just plain trying to have some fun. To set the record straight, I wasn't drunk.....just lous and talkative. For that I apologize. Especially to G-Rob, whom I overheard at the end of the evening telling TheMark his wife "was screaming in his ear for 5 hours." I am sorry for turning a 3 hour session feel like 5.

I played ok but got tilty when I was getting too much respect and getting called when I tried to make moves. Just off my game I guess. Not really in the mood to analyze the situation right now. Perhaps later I can tweak my problem.

All observations welcome.


Anonymous said...

You were fine, both pokery and drinky. Otis

G-Rob said...

You didn't really bother me. Like I said, I've had many a loud drunken poker night of my own...I'm the LAST person who can give a person shit about that.

In fact, I made a total ass of myself tonight.

Shep said...

You dont need to apoligize to anyone! We all had fun except I donked away my chip lead. As far as getting too much respect, you deserve it. You are a great poker player and when you get a hand, you get a hand! ask Otis!! I wish I had that much respect half the time.