Well, I participated in my first tourney of 2006 at the Bad Blood Series of Poker (BBSOP) and played the worst poker I have ever played in my life. If there was a poker book produced with all the things a player is not supposed to do in a tourney I would have done ALL of them. I think I played better poker when I was learning to play. Yes, it was that bad. When I should have folded, I raised. When I raised, I should have folded. My style of play is usually tight. I raise with the goods. Recently I have been getting WAY too much respect for that and then when I come up short in hands and try to use my "style" to scoop a pot and it inevitably back fires on me. I am either picking the wrong time or the wrong player or both.
I left Blood's so depressed it felt like I had just lost my best friend. I have never felt so badly when playing poker. Perhaps this is the best medicine for me. I haven't won a tourney in a long time and need a push to tweak my play. So maybe this was it.

Gavin vs. Daniel

I recently read a blog where Gavin Smith is challenging Daniel N. to the "Best Canadian" poker player title. Apparently, Gavin is insulted by the fact that most of America & Canada regard Daniel as the best Canadian player. The bet is 20k for best results in 2006. (10k for most $ and 10k for most $ in WSOP). The bet will count only the events they play in together. My personal $ is on Daniel. Not to knock down Gavin but I have to route for the man who has been through the ringer to obtain such respect. Besides, I am still holding out to party and play with Daniel. We all have our own poker fantasies and that is one of mine. Not sure I want the same fantasy with Gavin in it. Just not my type. Anyway back onto another topic.....

New Year's Eve!

It was a quiet but fun night at The Mark. We had BadBlood, Mrs. Blood, AcesHigh and TommyBoy over for an intimate dinner. I prepared an awesome meal if I say so myself.
This was the menu:
Shrimp Cocktail, Mixed Greens w/ Balsamic vinaigrette, Smashed Garlic Potatoes topped with a tender Beef Tenderloin steak, sauteed baby portabellos, and steamed asparagus drizzled w/ a cheese sauce.
The dessert tray including cheesecake, key lime tart, and chocolate cake.

Of course a champagne toast at the stroke of midnight.....

We all were busting at the seams. I was really concerned for Blood. He couldn't even sit still on the sofa and relax. It was so much fun to prepare this kind of dinner for my friends. I hope at some point to be able to prepare such a dinner for all my friends.


What will the New Year bring? My family has been very blessed and I am hopeful these blessings will continue. My mother had a cancerous item removed from her bladder in 2005. I am hopeful all necessary precautions are being made to ensure it doesn't come back. My grandmother in law has memory issues and I pray for a easy life for her and our family when it can be difficult to be a part of these changes in her life. As far as my immediate family, all has been great. I expect nothing less for 2006. We have been looking for a piece of property to build a house. Our search has been somewhat unsuccessful but I am VERY optimistic for 2006. TheMark has a new employer and is very excited about entering a new chapter in his life. I am hoping for a better poker playing year....more financial success at least. I have also set some personal goals ..... I'll let you know what they are if I achieve them. hahaha! We have more travel plans than ever before and am hopeful to attend most of them.

I extend my deepest wishes of a bountiful New Year to all!


theAxeman said...

Absolutely had a great time NYE. And, yes, you may say so yourself: you prepared an awesome meal. Will have to return the favor very soon

BadBlood said...

I totally have to say that you can cook a mean steak. Best meal I've had in a LOOOONG time. Thank you again.

G-Rob said...

"I left Blood's so depressed it felt like I had just lost my best friend."

Jesus woman!

I'm awfully serious about poker play. In fact, way to damn serious.

But please tell me this is Hyperbole. Jesus!