Final Thoughts on UPC

After a full day of excitement with T-shirt signing, I was craving some poker action. Unfortunately for me I wasn't with a group of people that had the same craving but I was determined to play even if I had to do it by myself. (don't go there) So, after the day was done we all grabbed some drinks. I just happened to be with John Phan and EasyE. He needed to check into his suite at the Paris. So we went there and the group was meeting up with us there. I had full intentions of ordering food at the bar but John insisted on us ordering room service since they comp. him EVERYTHING. So why spend my money when I can spend the casinos. We split: Shrimp cocktail, salad, French dip, and he ordered me a Chicken Soup for my poor voice box. I sounded awful at this point. I could have walked into a Waffle House and they would have thought I was the CEO. It was bad but what can a girl do except roll with it. After we were done eating we headed to the "Red Room" @ Mandalay Bay. All the AP execs were there. We had some very strong martinis. Not sure what was in it but they did the job. Phil, from AP, asked how much I was going to sell my T-shirt for? I answered not sure I am interested in selling it but ya never know. I am a bit selfish like that. I needed at least a day to process it all before considering that as an option. I told him he needed to have an AP girl do that at every event. It was great publicity. After our drinks we were off to a club. EasyE and myself were looking for some poker action and looking for a way to break away.
As we walked through the casino, someone in the group stopped at the roulette table. He placed about $800 down on various numbers. I leaned over to EasyE and said 13 is going to hit (my fav. number) Guess what hit, no not 13 but 12. After a few feet, the same gentleman placed the same size bet at another table. I went to reach in my pocket to get a bill and put it on 13. Then the voice of TheMark rang through my brain and said: "Don't bother it won't hit". So I closed up my purse and watched as 13 hit. EasyE looked at me and smiled. I guess I should have taken the chance.
When we got to the next bar, it was closed so this was my chance to break away politely and go play some $1/2 NL. EasyE was staying at The Plaza as well and he suggested we taxi together. But we made a few stops first. The Excalibur has loose tables but also a waiting list at 2AM. Luxor a bust. I am not sure where we woulnd up but it was fun. I was doing fine until my AK went up against QQ....and he flopped a set. After that I was ready to go and donked the rest off. HeeHaw.

All in all I had the time of my life. This trip was an eye opening experience for me. Growing up I was a dorky kinda kid that had a small number of friends and not a lot of attention. At this stage of my life, I feel as if I am finally coming into my own. I have never been more confident on the inside and out. TheMark has recently told me "You are getting better with age" and I believe him. If someone would have asked me if I thought I would go to Vegas to model for an online poker site, meet and party with pro players, enjoy the high life with CEO's and execs, I would have thought they were crazy. As BadBlood put it in one of his recent blog's: (paraphrasing) It is like another life you wish you had but once you experience a taste of it that is all you need. That is SO true. I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED, every moment but would NEVER trade it for the life I have in G-Vegas. And without G-Vegas, I would have never started blogging which got me the job.

Now for the thank you's.

First: To thank Absolute Poker.com for hiring me for this event and hope to be able to do this again sometime. The job was easy for me since I LOVE poker and can talk really well too.

Second: To Phil & Scott Thom, Jeff Todd, Jen Tidwell, John Phan, and my new friend Eric. Without these people it would have been boring and uneventful. Thanks for a taste of the good life.

Third: To all the family and friends who supported my decision to do this and helped out on the home front while I was away.

Saved the Best for Last: To my loving, compassionate, and sexy life partner who unconditionally allowed me to have the experience of a life time that many, many men would have never allowed. What an illustration of the powerful, long lasting, relationship we have. You are my best friend and I love you. Thank you for the best time of my life and I look forward to having many of these special moments with you in the future.


The Mark said...

Hey Babe, when a guy gets to come home to a chick like you he will let her do just about anything.......Luv You!

BadBlood said...

Can you two please keep the sappy shit off the blog please???? Sheeesh.

Ms All In said...

I can blog whatever shit I want on this blog, dude.