The Main Event Day#1

As my previous post indicated I was able to see a ton of action from all sorts of players. And took lots of mental notes. So, watch out next time at the tables....I am dangerous now. The highlight of this day was lunch break. It was awesome. In the AP tent many pros came out for a signing event and in the early AM I had a brilliant idea to see if I could get a shirt signed for myself with a couple of pros....No biggie. So, I asked the events manager, J, if she thought it would be possible. She wasn't sure but I brought my t-shirt anyway. Well, the signing event was a perfect opportunity and as it was winding down I pulled out my shirt. My first signature was Ted Forest. What a sweet man. As you can imagine I was talking ALOT. Which isn't hard for me to do but hard on my vocal cords. So at times my voice would fade and by this day it was almost gone. Ted gave me some great advice on how I could take care of that. As he was struggling to sign my shirt, I came up with another brilliant idea. Put the damn thing on. So after Ted signed it, (sorry Ted for the missed opportunity), I did just that.

It was a media frenzy. I would really like copies of those photos because I know somebody's got them. Everyone that was still in the tent was more than happy to sign and then I took myself and my t-shirt into the poker room. Many more added themselves to my awesome souvenir. If you want to see the T-shirt, it will be framed very shortly including pics my special friends.

What an awesome experience.

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