Ultimate Poker Challenge @ The Plaza

The pictures are in and the blogging begins.
On the second day of my trip, it was the day before the main event began. The poker room was buzzing with people entering satellites in order to get into the action for less. Can't blame 'em. But after the AP hospitality tent closed and I was done working for the day, the fun began. The AP group went to Mandalay Bay's Foundation Room where I witnessed the most beautiful view from the top of Mandalay Bay Casino. At the Foundation Room we all were amazed with a "mentalist", who proceeded to bend a quarter, read my mind (literally), change the time on my watch while I was wearing it, and several mind blowing card tricks. What a free show we got. If you ever have to opportunity to go, I would. After a few drinks we decided to go to the Palms for a little dancing at Rain. The only thing that would accommodate all of us was a stretch limo so we piled in. This gave me the unique opportunity to get to know more about the awesome owners / CEO's of Absolute Poker. What nice people they were. At Rain we went VIP to a sky box where we looked down on the dance floor and had a private room with a private open bar. I had a blast and finally returned to my room with tired feet around 5AM. I had to get some sleep since I needed to be up by 9AM the next day.

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