Last Friday

I took 1st and 225 last Friday night. I was card dead for about two hours playing a couple of hands here and there but mostly playing my gut. I was throwing away marginal hands and watching the action to follow. I saved myself from getting knocked out several times or at the very least diminishing my stack. I had thrown away many low pocket pairs. I tried a few times but wasn't getting anything on the flop so I made a decision just not to play them. Good choice because I would have donated a bunch of chips to various people. It was crucial to my tourney that I stay the course and it was hard. I was so bored. I should have been drinking but I bought these disgusting wine coolers that I couldn't stomach and no more vino in storage soooo I was out of luck. Regardless, my cards turned around when I realized I had to make a move at some point. Unfortunately for him, it was against TheMark. I called his 3x BB raise with A2s. I was going for the flush and thought I might be able to bet my way out of it if I missed. The flop came Kss . I checked. TheMark bet enough to put me all in. I called. Turn a blank. The river came a spade. Needless to say, his AK wasn't good. I actually felt bad for calling his standard raise. I hate playing A rag but at that point I knew I had to stab at something. A couple of hands later I cracked TheMark's KK when I hit an A on the flop with my AJ. From then on my game was back and I was getting the cards. I took a bunch of TheMark's chips. He went from chip leader to out in 4 hands. He later shared that he was playing uber tight. I guess it was just my time. The final battle was between Wolverine and myself. We were only a few hands into the heads up action when I pushed and won. The last hand I had AQ. The flop came 223 or 443 something like that. I made a 2000 bet and he came over the top of me for 3000 more but he only had 3000 left. I thought that was odd. I just didn't understand why he didn't want to commit the rest of the 3000. I knew he was going to do it after the turn....he was pot committed at this point. Earlier in the tourney, he had gotten me off hands by doing this same move. Problem is I knew he didn't hit this flop. Not with that preflop raise. So, I moved all in over the top. He thought and thought and then called. He had Q10.....and didn't improve. It felt good to finally win one on the home front. Although, I felt bad starting my run at the expense of TheMark. As hard as it may seem at times, I really am not out for blood....just 1st place.

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