Last week's action

LPN was cancelled due to lack of attendance. We had some out sick and others with prior engagements. No biggie. Just pick up next month. However on Sunday, I got my fix. I played a live multi table tourney at a non-disclosed location. The entry was 150+20 and there were almost 70 people entered. I had placed 4th the last time I played with this group so I was psyched to do it again. I played fairly well considering the structure. We started with 150 and blinds were 1/2, doubling every 20 min. It was power poker at its best. I have gotten out of that kind of play for a bit, especially multi tabled. It went fast. I had to make some moves. Some plays faired well, some did not. Mostly I got blinded out waiting for a hand. The tables we played on were plastic folding tables with brand new cards, so the cards were flying, literally. It slowed everything down. I didn't care for it as much as the last time I played was 30 min. blinds and we had "real" tables. Hopefully, TheMark can suggest some things to the people running it so we can get better service for our 20 donation. When I realized how short stacked I was, I knew I had to make a move. I pushed in the big blind with KQc. There were two callers before me so I liked my odds. One guy called with A9. He hit his A but I had four to the flush after the flop. Needless to say, my hand didn't improve and I was knocked out in 21st place. They consolidated after that. Oh well. I would have liked either have a few more chips or longer blinds. The combo of the actual tables, new cards flying everywhere, starting chip stack, blind structure, and 20 donation.....makes me question whether I'll go back next time if it is going to be all of the same. Didn't leave a good lasting impression on this poker player.

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