The WPT Borgata Poker Open........starring PokerBtch.
It aired last night and I am sure it will repeat in the future. I make a great debut. Look closely or you might miss me. I am in the background behind David Singer. You see me within the first 20 minutes or so. Of course it is tivo'd and I will play it for all upon request. I can even supply copies for a fee.

Enough about my new fame.
Hope to see you @TheMark tomorrow night....


CJ said...

Might miss you???

I turned it on and you were the first person I saw! You looked great... they should have replaced Courtney Friel with you!

That's sooooo cool.

Ms All In said...

That is one job I would LOVE to have. Besides, I actually know something about poker. Ever notice how general her questions are...she doesn't seem to ask one "real" poker question. Perhaps, she needs new writers or just to be replaced!

Blogger said...

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