Donkey Results

We had a great time Friday night. I am so glad we had a great turn out. There was much fun, laughter, and good old fashion card slinging. It took us a few extra minutes to get things going but once we started, we were all in it to win it.

Thanks to DebSmithinski for her cold subs, Shepinski for the wings, and everyone else for helping us unload a couple bottles of SoCo.
For those of you who had the misfortune of not being able to make it, you missed out on my now famous meatball subs. (made from scratch.) I wanted everyone to feel special on our special night.

Here are the results of the tourney:
1. Team Scott "Suckout" Smith
2. Otis
3. Mrs.Blood
4. AL
5. Wolverine
6. TheRick
7. PokerBtch/MsAlliN
9. AxeMan
10. Frank the Tank
11. JackHammer/DebSmithinski
12. TheMark
13. KevinM
14. Bad Blood
15. FFF
16. RonCox
17. RandyJ
18. GRank

See ya'll next year....at our next Annual Donkey Fest.


TeamScottSmith said...

I had a blast. Thanks for the balls.

TeamScottSmith said...

er . . . meatballs, that is.

shep said...

was i there? 8th place? oh yea
happy b-day mark!! thanks pokerbitch-

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