I am registered for tonight's WPBT WSOP thingy. First time, maybe second, not even sure, playing with this group. I hope I do G-Vegas proud.

This weekend was pretty busy. Friday night we hit the lake house for a little TLC and celebrate a new boat launch w/ the in laws. (will be borrowing that for the summer) Saturday was off to Soby's for an evening of dining w/ some great friends, excellent wine, and a little entertainment. I had an awesome time. Sunday was the Shriners circus at Furman. It was over 3 hours long and included elephant & pony rides and a blow up slide. What a cool show for the rugrats. I was happy to see a good turn out. The Shriner's hospital helps so many with all these donations. It is amazing how far their money goes.

Besides, all of this I am starting my own business. It is with a company called Arbonne. For the past few months I have been trying several products and educating myself with the company from A to Z. All the people I have met are great and the financial's are outstanding. This is a very lucrative opportunity that I don't plan on letting pass me by. If there are any of you out there that know someone that might be interested in going into business for themselves OR want to know more about Arbonne or it's products, e-mail me at Arbonne333@aol.com. The website is also available: www.arbonne.com . I am wanting to expand my team into others states as well. Already, starting with Vegas....of course. Mexico, is next!

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