Online Results

Well, I played horrible in the heads up FFP tourney on Stars. Got paired up with another tight box so not only did I lose but I wasn't getting any action on my play and it was soooo boring.

I was real excited to play on the WPBT WSOP event. I was playing very well. Above mid pack. I knew I had to be careful and pick my spots. Unfortunately, I forgot what a luckbox's we had as bloggers. I call a preflop raise w/ 9 10 off in BB. It hit 2 pair on flop. I bet the pot. I get raised and then I push. Wasn't real worried about a call but thought he'd fold. He called w/ KK. The board rivers another 4. I am out in 69th place....something like that. So pissed. I knew I should have gone in with the worst hand. To make it even worse he told me he thought I had two pair before he called. If he thought I had 2 pair why would he call. Oh well, one day my suck out will come.


Shep said...

69 you wish or mark wishes, it was 80. "sorry". I got dominated by StB in 49th it was fun though.

Ms All In said...

sorry about the placement mistake. Regardless, it was way too soon. Not sure I can compete with all these "luckboxing suckouts". I might leave those tourneys alone and get my entry another way.

Falstaff said...

I decided to try the $24+2 Bracelet Race tourneys they have every night on Full Tilt. With the option of winning my way into those via a $6 SNG, my cost goes waaaay down, and the competition on FTP is softer than the blogger tourneys as a rule.

Not to mention they're running a promotion for female bloggers specifically, so you may want to check that out as well. I think Change100 has details for that on her blog. Good luck. I think I was out in 81st.

Shep said...

Msallin I wasnt personally attacking your positon I was making fun of the # you picked 69, you know 69. I know you had a bad beat I was watching at the time when he made the comment, I could tell you were pissed. the last thing you said is that you were going to post about the call..