What a wonderful weekend

My sister's family came in this weekend and since Friday was beautiful we went to Keowee for some fun in the sun. Unfortunately Friday was the only day for water fun. It was still cool to relax with some family that I haven't seen in a long time. My nephews are getting so big. I remember when they were babies and I was the designated sitter at 16. David hates hearing about that now. Can't blame him. I took the older two boys ona canoe ride. My arms are hurting from all that rowing. Yesterday, I was even crazier to get on a SeaDoo and fly around the freezing water just so they could have some fun. I think there were like 4 boats out on the entire lake and they weren't moving fast so not much jumping the wake. But I managed to stand it for about 45 minutes before my feet were frost bitten. You know it is cold when the water actually feels warm. They liked it so that is all the matters. I hate not seeing my family more often. I know if my sister's family lived closer we would get together all the time. We just click. It is great when that happens. I miss that so much. I feel family should be the closest people in your life but sometimes things get in the way of that. I have always enjoyed spending time with my family, now that is my in laws since my siblings are all out of state. The more time I spend with them doing just the silliest of things, the more I get to know who they really are and not just the person they have to be in there job or when with the kids, etc. I also extend this feeling toward my family of friends because some of them have grown to be as close to me as a brother or sister. Funny how life works that way. I just know that I will only get out of something what I put into it. So, I am trying to put best self forward.
Hope all have a great Spring Break. I know I will have to plan a few things for the rugrats without any school, they will be buggin' me. I mean loving me.....lol

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