Long time no blog!

I am a complete slacker. I have a good reason. My family has decided to invaded our home on various days throughout the Spring Break and beyond. It is a welcomed invasion since I don't get to see them but once a year. I grew up in a very close family. We did everything together and were happy that way until I moved to SC and one of my older sister's moved to TN. Now, it seems the time we have together is never enough.

It is amazing how I have so much fun with each sibling differently. My eldest sister and her family are similar to my own. We are easy going, no need to plan much, and very comfortable with each other. I take it as a HUGE compliment when my 15 year old nephew actually WANTS to stay longer to visit. My bother and his family on the other hand are pretty active and early risers. Some are conversationalist and others are not, so it is a good mix in his family. My other sister in TN, is so busy with little ones I can feel her pain. She has a 5,3,1 year old. I mean it is crazy when she visits and the volume is unreal. I sympathize for my neighbors.

I grew up in New Jersey, as a product of my environment I can be loud at times and talk your ear off. Some people may think that is a bad trait and to be honest at times it is a hurdle I need to overcome. For the most part though, I enjoy the fact that I am comfortable starting a conversation with just about anyone because it shows a side of my personality that I consider an attribute. I have learned over the past six years or so to try and curb that side of me around people I know find it aggressive or annoying. For example, I married into a family of "non-talkers". Most of the time I anticipate having to create conversation and occasionally I wait for others to start. I don't usually like doing that because my brain goes into a non-usable mental state that I can't describe. I mean the only thing I can think of is the weather. Usually, when I feel forced to converse I clam up and say nothing or talk about something very general. I will have to be honest and admit it isn't genuine it is based on a need to fill the void of silence. This is where living in NJ has come into play. When I lived there someone always filled to void, better yet there wasn't any silence. But it is a lot of pressure to HAVE to talk.
Some might say "Who cares what others think do what you want" but the truth is we all care what others think it is a part of us. There is a healthy and unhealthy way of filtering what others think of us and that may be a fine line at times. I care about other people so as a result I care what they think. Good, Bad, or Whatever that is a part of me and something I am not willing to change.

On a poker note:
Last Friday I played at TheMark and got knocked out of the tourney but hung around for the cash game. I made a nice chuck there. by biggest take home so far. Not talking about a lot here but this is coming from a person who usually skips the cash game and goes to bed or is dealing the game instead of playing in it. So, I was pretty happy about that. I think my game is coming around a bit.
My parents are in town visiting and lastnight we played a 4 handed tourney. At one point my dad mentioned at the end of a losing hand against TheMark that he was on a one card flush draw. Of course it wasn't possible for that hand so we all had a laugh. My parents are beginner hold em players. It was enjoyable to play and I can tell how far I have come in my own game.
See ya at the felt.

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