Friday @ TheMark

Had a great turn out lastnight. There were some new faces and some very familiar ones, too. All in all, 15 of us battled it out looking for a win. Top 3 paid. It seemed most were playing a bit conservative because it lasted 5 hours or just getting a lot of ups and downs. I made some critical plays to avoid elimination. One bad situation I got myself into was against a guy who called my standard preflop raise. I had KQo. The board was as follows: A3AKrag. I knew this guy was a tight aggressive player but for some reason I thought I had him beat. Unfortunately for me, he had pocket rockets. He played it flawlessly. I didn't see it coming. I guess every now and again we all have to donk off our chips into the nuts. The was my only mistake, luckily I had him covered. Needless to say, I came back with a revegence to win it. I had more chips than the 2nd place player but I suggested a chop as soon as he knocked out the 3rd placed person because we had been going for a long time and 1AM was late enough. I was still happy with the payout.

I finally went to bed around 3AM. I am pretty tired today but can't let that stop me. I am off the celebrate BadBlood's B-day tonight!

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