Blood's B-day

After waiting on the sitter to arrive I rushed over to the Blood's for the B-day Bash. I was all out of sorts. For some unknown reason I was hotter than hell. I mean, I just couldn't get comfortable and practically sweating. I only had one glass of wine and it took me all night to drink it due to my body temperature. Uncle Ted mentioned some phrase, I can't remember now, that he admitted was about menopause. Surely not at 30?! In ant case, I wasn't all that happy about being uncomfortable. I made it to the condensed table and was playing very well. Otis was pushing around some pots and sucking out a lot. A critical hand for me was against him. Blinds are 15/30. I pop it up to 100. He reraises all in. I insta call w/ AKo, he had A6d. Understand, I would sometimes think twice about such a call but not when this was like the 20th time he had made that same move and a few times on me so I knew I had him beat. The flop was xAx, with one diamond. I was pretty confident I'd win. Turn came a diamond. River a diamond. And he sucked again. I had him covered but it still crushed my stack. Bad luck #1

Bad Luck #2:
KJs vs. Tommy's Q6d = Tommy drawing to a flush as well.

No luck w/ calling with the best hand. I did however make a very good call against Wolverine. I had top pair top kicker when he reraised my bet a bunch. I went into a mini-tank and called with the winner. I was upset when I left not just because others got lucky and I lost but I also had a hefty bill to pay when I got home to meet the sitter. As much as I hate to lose, I hate losing and paying a sitter. Especially when by most accounts I would have won and knocked out 2 people. That's poker!
I can assure you there will only be a few choice moments that I will pay for a sitter to play poker again.
Overall, it was good time and I have no idea what was up with my body temp. but rest assure I am back to normal today. Who knows maybe it was pre-pre-pre-one-night-only menopause??

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