I called my mom on Sunday morning and received some very bad news. My grandmother had died 30 minutes earlier. My parents have been taking care of her for about 5 years now. The strangest thing is she was in perfect health. She wasn't taking any medication or had any ailments. She was 95 and I know she lived a VERY full life but it is STILL a shock when someone passes on and you never expected it. My daughter told me a couple of months ago "Oma is going to die". I reassured her that wouldn't happen since Oma had just been to the doctor and she was in perfect health. Needless to say when mini mark heard the news she immediately told me " I told you she would die". I know it is just a weird twist of fate but it still gave me the creeps. My grandmother was a great lady and I will miss her tremendously. I am traveling to Jersey for the funeral on Fri. Unfortunately there won't be any time to side step to AC for a little felt. But that is O.K., the Ladies Event @ the WSOP has my name written all over it.

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TeamScottSmith said...

Sorry to hear of the loss of your Grandmother. And, for what it's worth, sometimes it's still a shock when someone you expect to pass on, does.

We should all be so lucky as to live to 95 and go out while still in perfect health.

Again, my condolences.