Poker is Everywhere!

We all are well aware of the global outbreak known as poker. Eventhough I am fully aware of how popular it is today, thanks to TV, it still amazes me when it creeps into everyday life.

I have been in the market for a new car for the past month or so. I have a perfectly well run machine that works fine for my family now but I am a bit selfish and want that new car smell. But for me a new car is an overwhelming decision. So I wanted to do my homework and decided to looked inside the SUV line of every dealership in Greenville. It was a big task but still felt it necessary when purchasing a vehicle for me and my girls. I will give you some of the contenders in a moment just for s**t* and giggles but first I will get to the point of my blog.

I went to a dealership on Laurens Rd. (keeping names to myself for obvious reasons & still haven't closed on a deal! lol) The gentleman there was very helpful and gave me some excellent information on a new model coming to the market this month. It is a cool looking cross over vehicle. Anyway, when I was getting ready to leave I mentioned something about poker and immediately he perked up. We spent an additional 10 minutes talking about online play, G-Vegas, and various poker stats. He is a huge poker fan/player. I find it so amazing that poker has made it's way into everyday life and continues to be so popular. I know I like it but it is one of those things I imagined might blow over by now. To the contrary, it just keeps growing. What an awesome feeling it must be for all of the people who have been playing for decades to see the popularity soar like this. Doyle Brunson, Johnny Chan, and a long list of others should be proud of themselves for hanging through the tough times in order to get such public recognition now for their daily grinds of yester year.

My contenders:
Mercedes GL, Chevy Tahoe, Chevy Equinox, & Mazda CX6

I am not sure of which I will go with but I am leaning toward a down size for the next couple of years. Any advise or suggestions, I'd love the input.

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