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Blogger’s Tourney @ Caesar’s Palace:

It was Saturday around 10AM and after getting only 4 hours sleep I was a bit sluggish. TheMark and I found our rental and drove to the front of Rio to pick up Double A’s. We were heading to the Blogger Tournament @ Caesar’s Palace. TheMark had participated last year but this was my first. I was kind excited about the fierce competition.

We got there and were received by an extremely long registration line. Apparently, Caesar’s had changed their cards and of course everyone had to have one in order to play in the tourney. We had gotten one back in Feb. when we were out there for the Super Bowl and already changes were made. So much for any comps?!! A big thanks to Poker Princess for taking everyone’s id and creating cards for them while we heard speeches from several people. I was most interested in what Howard Lederer had to say about online gambling. As an update, the house passed a bill to ban online gaming. It now has to be passed through the Senate. Let’s pray that never happens. Most importantly are our rights as Americans, even for those who aren’t poker players. Howard made several valid points that I wish were able to be made mainstream somehow. The best way may be our mouths. I will be discussing this topic with as many people as possible.

Let’s get back to the tourney. There was a very cool Roshambo competition just before starting the main event. I am proud to announce TheMark finished in 2nd place. You should have seen his skills they were unbelievable. I on the other hand went out in the first round. When it comes to blind luck, I suck. The tourney got started not too long after that. I sat a very cool table where we saw a nut flush get beaten by a straight flush. That was heart breaking but I guess it happens. I got a small rush of cards and ran with it. I had built up a nice little stack. Unfortunately, I ran into a hand that was second best and couldn’t get away from it. After taking a chunk of my stack, I couldn’t recover. I had lasted longer than TheMark so all is well. I do have to apologize to EvaCan’tHang. She was so gracious. I was sitting to her right and a couple of times didn’t give her the action she wanted. For example, she got pocket rockets and I folded my blind to her. Another time I raised and she had to lay down the hammer. The final straw was when my sober ass split a Corona all over her jeans. Poor thing. She was so very cool about it. She could have easily knocked me out and taken my chips. Oh, crap. I think I just gave her an idea for next year. Over all, it was fun and I had a great time. Pauly owes me royalties for the number of hits his site has received. He has a great picture of me on there and mentioned it has gotten more hits than anything else. Show me the money, hon. After I busted out we headed back to the Rio for some satellites and a little more practice. I play in the Ladies event tomorrow. I am so excited I can’t sleep.

Next topic: WSOP Ladies Event.

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