WSOP Satellites:

Shortly after TheMark and I arrived in Vegas we headed down to see the WSOP action. It is the largest conference converted into a poker room I have ever seen. There were a couple hundred of tables with several sections for different areas of play. The back left quadrant was running single table satellites at all entry levels. The back right quadrant was mainly used for super satellites and WSOP events. The front right quadrant was used for WSOP events and included a section for the final table tapings, ESPN crew, and a few bleachers for an audience. The front left quadrant was the cash action took place. $2/5 NL was the cheapest seat but the real action was $400/800 mixed. You name they were there playing. I will include names and pics in a future WSOP recap.

So I decided to get down to business and play a satellite. I play this style online often and have success. I played so well. I was getting good cards, making great reads, and laying down before it got expensive. It got down to four of us. I became the chip leader after I doubled up through an Asian guy’s all in. I made the right call and he doubled me up. At that point I was in the lead with Asian not too far behind and two short stacks waiting to go out. I obtained a lot of respect from Mr. Asian when I made that call. From that point on he stayed out of my pots. I had 4 bad beats in a row to get knocked out in 4th. I couldn’t believe it. I had AJs and called an all in bet from a short stack that had A9o. She rivered her 9. (nice 2 outer) The other short stack I doubled up twice when he hit his 5 outer and then runner, runner, runner for the flush he didn’t know he had. The dealer didn’t pick up on it either but the guy’s friend noticed before the dealer pushed the chips my way and I was knocked out shortly after. It was one of those moments that I knew I played it perfectly and wouldn’t change a thing yet still didn’t work out my way. Go figure. At that very brief moment I knew what Hellmuth’s whining was all about and I pouted for a bit. Ok more than a bit. But I could taste the victory. I all but had my Ladies Event entry paid for by my first satellite. Easy come easy go.

Next topic: Blogger’s tourney at Caesar’s Palace.

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