So what's your excuse!

I have one big one. W.S.O.P!

I got back a couple of days ago and had a blast. So much not to tell so little time. lol. I have a ton of pics but will have to post first of the week. TheMark still has the camera out in Vegas. It was wall to wall pros at the Rio. Insane. More to report on that later. I offered my brilliance to Russ (CFO) at Absolute Poker, not sure he was listening but it would benefit the site tremendously. He did ask what I was doing about it, so perhaps I may join Otis on a reporters side. lol

More to come:
WSOP satellites
WSOP Ladies event
Day @ the Venetian
WSOP Bikini style


AlCantHang said...

WSOP Bikini style? I can't imagine what in the world that post is going to be about ;)

sarahd766 said...

I'm supposed to be entered into the WSOP final event but I have a feeling I got screwed but I should get cash instead.
I won the grand prize in a major sweepstakes, a trip to Vegas and entry into the WSOP, $10,000 entry fee.
I know the final event is in 2 weeks and I still haven't recieved the details from the sponsor, so most likely they'll give me cash instead of the trip. Cash is great but I was looking so forward to this once in a life time event for me.
I know how to play poker but never played in Vegas or in a tournament.

Oh well glad you all had a great time.Maybe one day I'll get there.