Party! Party! Party!

Where to begin. My mind is still racing from yesterday's events. What a blast. It actually began a few days ago. Anyone who has hosted a party for over 40 people can tell you there is much prep work to be done. On a daily basis your house just isn't ready for such craziness. So I primped and prepped and for a couple of days prior including yard work and gathering enough chairs for everyone to sit on.

The day of the event has arrived and I am so ready to have a good time. The poker started at 3pm ish with 25 players. This was part of the BadBlood invitational series. I hit one big pot early and good thing since I went card dead for over an hour. That is the true test of a poker player being able to ride the wave of deadness. I tried to limp a few times with my 84o and similar hands but nothing improved my hand. As I sat there using my time wisely, I realized I wouldn't have hit a single flop in that dead period. Usually you hit something here or there but not me.....Nothing. But as the field dropped like flies, I was just hanging around. After making the final table I had a couple of hands that were questionable to call with, Q10, K9,J10. With G-Rob at the table too, I didn't feel comfortable making a move without something a bit better. G-Rob bet 5k, I pushed for only 1200 more w/ A10 suited. G-Rob had pocket 5's. Needless to say, I didn't get any help and was knocked out in 4th placed. The tourney paid 4 places so I was pleased. By the time I was knocked out of the tourney 3/4 of my guests had arrived and began eating. A big thanks to Chris T., Shep, TeamScott, Mrs. Blood and Ginger for all their help getting the food cooked and out for all to enjoy. I couldn't have played poker and gotten all the food out without the help of everyone.

After dinner, we all went in the front yard for the best home fireworks show in SC. It went on for 20 minutes. I am so glad everyone had a great time. That is the only thing a host can really ask for. With so many people, I didn't get a chance to talk with people as long as I would have liked but I think I was able to get to everyone for at least a few minutes. Now that it is all over, I will clean up for my parents' arrival on Wed. and pack for Vegas baby!

More on Vegas later.....but for now....I need a nap!

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