Getting back to reality

It has been awhile since I have played poker regularly. For some reason I am on "life interrupted" mode. With the end of school, passing of my grandmother, and getting back home, it has been a real struggle to fit anything else in. I am hoping things will slow down and I can get back on track with a few things I have been neglecting.


I think part the slow down has to do with our Friday tourney coming to a halt. It seems during the summer it is harder to find regular players. Perhaps it is the weather calling people out or even the wives putting there foot down. Either way it forces me to feed my need online. I am not fond of the online play too much. I did try a heads up match today on AP. It lasted all of 2 minutes and I won. Imagine that. So I think Iwill try another to see how well I play.


I am gearing up for the WSOP and am heading out around the 7th. I am working on a few contacts to get sponsored for the ladies event. I am hopeful. Last year there were over 600 ladies. It should be a great turn out this year with at least 1000. I am so excited to play and to out there at such an exciting time. I remember when I went out for the UPC @ The Plaza last year and what hype. I was in my element to be with a large number of pros that I admire and learn from. It was an awesome feeling. This time I am sure will be the same. I would love a sit down with Ted Forrest, Daniel, Jen, David Williams, Antonio, or any of my favorites to chat poker. Perhaps I can get that heads up match w/ John Phan that he promised that time. We'll see. Hey in Vegas ya never know what will happen. I would love a job where I could travel and interview all the players. I am sure it would have a down side but I love talking to people and learning from them and more about who they really are. Well, perhaps someday. For now, I will just practice a bit each day so my game doesn't get rusty and who knows maybe I will be the next Ladies Champion.....

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