WSOP Bikini Style:

So here’s the deal. It is the day after the ladies event and I am a bit depressed and looking for some excitement after all I am in Vegas. This shouldn’t be too hard to find. I knew I wasn’t in the mind frame for more poker and besides, TheMark was entered into the 1k event. I wanted to support him just like he did me the previous day. I walked around with him for a bit and realized there wasn’t much for me to do. Then it hit me…..hello…go to the pool…. relax…..have a tropically blended something …. And chill! So that is what I did. In the outdoor gift shop I bought a H2O, some much needed sunscreen, and a cute little black bikini that had rhinestone butterflies strategically placed. Way too cute to pass up. Off to the Ladies room to change. There were several areas to enjoy but I decided on the pool with a sandy beach. There were families w/ their kids, some sun bathers and a cool cave like structure. I laid my towel across the lounge chair and was ready to relax. Next came the sunscreen, burning was a definite in 100 + degree weather. There weren’t any cute pool boys around to lather me up so I had to fend for myself….aawww.

After sitting in the sun for what felt like an hour but was more like 20 minutes, I realized it was too hot to just get a tan I needed to be in the cool water. I stepped onto the sand to let it run through my toes and almost burnt my pinky toe off. Now I had to come up with a plan to get from my lounge chair to the water without burning the crap out of my feet. I still wanted to look cool in my shades and new bikini so I couldn’t just run to the water. I would have to plan this out a bit. Finally, it came to me. There was a tree about half way between my chair and the ice cold pool and I knew this was a perfect place to rest before continuing on. I put on my sandals and proceeded to walk. As I got about half way there I realized my feet were burning so I started to walk faster but the faster I walked the more hot sand got trapped into my sandals and continued to burn the crap out of my feet. When I got to the shaded tree, I quickly took off my sandals and regrouped. I knew I had two choices: make a run for it OR just let my feet burn for a few more seconds. I chose the latter and spent and additional 15 minutes with my feet soaking in the pool to ice them down. After all that I worked up an appetite for one of those tropically blended something’s but atlas again no pool boys to be spotted, not even a hot pool chick…….so back in the sand I went.

Ironically, this time it wasn’t has hot. Perhaps it was the ice cold water from the pool or perhaps it was the frozen drink that was preoccupying my thoughts. Who knows ….who cares…..but I landed myself at the outdoor bar and was happy to be there. The bartender was more than happy to give me his signature drink which was a mix between a pina colada and a strawberry daiquiri. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t fabulous. At this point I wasn’t going back into the sand or the pool so the frozen concoction tasted great. I was surprised however to be asked for my i.d. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy to be 30 and still get carded. The look on his face was like ….. ain’t no way….and that feels great! To his defense I looked a little like a tart. I had my shortest of shorts on with my butterfly string top and my hair in two braids so I guess I looked the cute school girl part. Well, he hooked me up good. This drink was like 40 oz., ok maybe not that big but it was huge. I had gotten at least a dozen brain freezes trying to finish it before it would melt and so I thought it was time to check in with TheMark. It had been a few hours and I had enough of the heat.

So I head to the big room to find TheMark. Little did I know the kind of attention I would have received from my new outfit but I quickly realized I could help TheMark in his tournament in more ways than he could have helped me in mine. As I confidently made my way from the pool to the WSOP room, I was ready to have some fun with this. I could have stood in front of Bodog, Absolute Poker, PokerStars, Full Tilt, or even the Milwaukee’ Best booths and given their girls a run for their money. Now was my opportunity to help someone close to me and I was going for it. Luckily, TheMark drew to a table that was right on the rail. How perfect is this. TheMark and I have played at the same tables together at previous trips to Vegas and role played a bit like we didn’t know each other. It is fun and it keeps others guessing. So, I knew if I just stood there for a bit he would come up with some cute comment. I can’t remember what is was but it induced a conversation between us and drew more attention to me which might be have been helpful to him if someone is stupid enough to let something like a good looking women get in the way of their poker playing. And believe me there are plenty of men out there like that.

Side note: #1 Rule at cash Table’s ladies: wear a revealing outfit. Now, I know some women have a problem with this but they shouldn’t. Men play ever advantage they have so why shouldn’t a woman and ladies ours are much more powerful.

Ok so anyway, it was getting close to break time for TheMark so I hung around for an additional 20 minutes or so before heading up to the room to shower (which was ½ mile away). TheMark enjoyed the attention and hopefully it helped him to stay in a bit longer. He didn’t win it but we had fun playing around. One guy told me a pick up line I had never heard before and doubt I will again. He walking past and tapped me on the shoulder to say: “hey, did you get lost on your way to the pool”. Then he winked as if that line would work and I would say as a matter of fact I did and I was hoping you could show me the way. What a dingle berry.! We all had a nice laugh at his expense.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any pics to post regarding this story…..sorry guys…lol …. But there are a few fellow Blogger’s that were there that can confirm the authenticity of my story.

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AlCantHang said...

I can testify!

You forget that there just might be a picture floating around of the two of us....

And not one mention of my lucky Get-TheMark-DoubledUp Popcorn which happened to occur right before Mr. Pickup Line showed up.

Ms All In said...

I totally forgot about the popcorn....perhaps you can refresh our memory.