Day @ the Venetian:

I had spent just about every day at the Rio and was getting a bit tired of the theme so when it was suggested to go somewhere else, I was happy. We headed for Caesar’s for lunch. After a very satisfying meal at the Augustus Grill we headed outside and decided to walk to the Venetian. TheMark thought it would be nice to get out and assured us it wasn’t far so TheRick and me happily obliged. As we were walking we realized TheMark wasn’t so sure where it was and how far it was from us. Although he did manage to get us there we are hot and tired when we got there. I love the atmosphere at the Venetian but of course, I am a chick, love Italian and love that romantic crap. We headed straight to the poker room.

There was a bit of a wait for the 1/2NL table so I signed on to be called and sat behind TheMark to watch the action at the 2/5NL table. It seemed like a good table but to be honest I was bored out of my mind and wandered a bit. There was a big game going on in the back room 4k/8k mixed with Doyle, Gus, Barry, Billy Baxter and a couple more that for some reason escapes me at the moment. (that’s what happens when I wait so long to blog) I stood at the doorway trying not to distract but desperately wanting to watch Gus play. I mean up close where I could actually see the action and here the banter. After seeing what the pros were going through at the Series, I wasn’t going to be labeled as an annoying fan. The Venetian was running a few sat. but I hadn’t been doing so well with them and wanted to sit for awhile to play for some cash. Finally, my name was called. I was seated at the front table behind the desk, next to an overly friendly man that oddly resembled a rat.

I realized that I was sitting next to the chattiest person I have ever met in poker. At times I don’t mind it but when I first sit down at a cash game I like to get a feel for the table and I can’t do that, plus play my cards, and be chatty with him all at the same time. Guess that is why I am not a pro yet, like Daniel. Anyway, Rat would not give in. First he tells me he is a movie producer, and then asks me if I am a model or actress. The first thing that popped into my brain is…..table change….if I have to listen to his mouth AND his horrible pick up lines …..I am outta here. But oddly it wasn’t a pick up line. He produces horror films. I am not a fan of horror flicks. The conversation was nothing I was interested in and that made it worse. It reminded me of a fly buzzing around my ear. I was hanging around for a while win a little lose a little. I was down about half my buy in when I flopped a set to bring me to a small profit. There was a father & son at the table, ironically a producer as well (horror) but somehow the conversation was better. You could tell this guy, Producer, was a real one. Rat was just trying too hard but the two of them were like two school girls chatting away. I was just happy Rat took his attention off of me and onto someone else. He really was harmless but I just wasn’t in the mood. It had gotten so bad that I had gotten a migraine from all hi talking ……… my solution …… hot chocolate w/mint liquor. After the 2 one my headache felt better. Not sure why, but Rat would tell me if I wanted to know. He tried to explain EVERYTHING to EVERYBODY.

I was down a bit and looked at QQ. I was in middle position so I made it $15. I wasn’t comfortable playing them because my premium hands were not holding up. My experience at the Series has been to get sucked out on. I wasn’t sure I even wanted a caller. Just wanted to be able to say I won with my QQ’s. But I got re-raised, guy went all in. I had to get a count and think. It was like $50 more to me a nice pot sized bet. I hadn’t gotten involved in many pots with this guy so I wasn’t sure what he had but finally put him on AK. The guys at the other end of the table were younger and for some reason at times seemed to be gunning for me. I was a dog when we flipped our cards. He had KK. I mumbled: “I am never playing QQ again”. I was so frustrated about previous suck outs. The dealer deals the flop Qxx. The turn was a blank. The river gave me the case Q. The guy stormed off so pissed his KK got cracked and to be honest I know how it feels. Somehow it feels a bit worse with pocket pairs that aren’t so high but in any case, I felt great, even let out a little yell in TheMark’s direction and promised myself to get over those bad beats more quickly.

That’s poker!

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