Ra Ra:
Now, down to the real reasons I haven’t gotten on this thing in 3 weeks. The oldest rug-rat started first grade. Between the meetings and calming her drama’s that include what to wear and getting up to school on time, I have my hands full. I was foolish enough to add to our recent activity, cheerleading. My initial feelings were good. I thought that it would be good for her to get out there, besides she is loud like her momma. I would help out a little, no big deal. Well, I was wrong. After signing up, they needed a coach AND of course I got the job. Cause that is what I do. I volunteered for a “termite” cheer team. There games would be on Saturday and one practice per week. What I ended up with after much confusion is coaching girls aging from 4 – 10 on a “Migett” team that plays games during the week and which most start at 8pm. Now you have to understand my oldest needs her sleep and will fight it with all she has SO these late games will be bad news for us. What bothers me the most, is that I wasn’t given an opportunity to decide if we wanted to continue given the late time. So, I plug on. We had our first game yesterday and the football team lost. BUMMER! My girls did great.
I made this decorated piece of PVC piping, filled the inside with candy, capped the ends, and called it a spirit stick. Each girl will have a shot at getting this thing to take home at each practice/game. They got into it. So I think I will stick with it.

Let the Good Times Roll:
On top of school, and cheering, I am on a bowling league on Tuesday mornings. I was nominated as secretary. Little did I know what to expect or what would come. Of course, I say: “Sure, I’d be happy to”. Well, I am not happy to now. There are a few people making a big deal about a decision I made that is causing a big issue. Next time we meet I have to address the team captains and officers to iron all this out now. But, I spent 2 days on the phone with women who say: “Whatever you decide, we will support you.” Then go behind my back to undo what I have put in place. It just goes to show as we age we don’t change. People can be just as caddy and two faced at 60. Oh well, if they don’t like how I am doing things they can nominate someone else. It would be a big load of my back.

Had a great time at Blood’s tourney thing. I didn’t fare so well. I made a few key mistakes by not calling with the best hand that it cost me my first round. The second round I just wasn’t getting anything to play with. The third round I got sucked out on so that was the end. Oh well, TheMark took all three of his rounds down like the champ he is. I had a major brain fart and forgot how great he is at short handed games. But on the final day he ran into some bad luck and was knocked out early. So sad.

When TheMark has games, I have been dealing when I can. I enjoy doing it. I can really see some action. My interest level is like a wave when it comes to getting into each hand but overall, I really enjoy doing it. When I deal, I accept tokens of appreciation and for the most part everyone appreciates me doing it. There are however some that feel my services warrant very little recognition. I am not sure I understand why. If they were in Vegas, AC, or any type of casino they would no doubt, in some form, show their appreciation for winning a big pot, getting away with a huge bluff, or winning big at the end of the night. So, why is it different at TheMark. I read about games that take a rake, not done at TheMark. They are ok with a raked game but not with recognizing a dealer. It is because it cuts into your profit? Is it because it is me? Is it because they are just cheap? Who knows. Don’t get me wrong. I understand when you are not winning you are unable to show appreciation BUT those that are scoping up the chips should.

There is one thing that irritates me even more that not compensating me for dealing until 3 AM and that is rudeness. Especially, when it is in MY place.
There is a person that has played at TheMark and fits into this example perfectly. And without him I would have never thought I would have been on the receiving end in my own home. It isn’t what he says that gets under my skin but HOW he says it that surprises me for a man of his age. I am not sure how old he is but I would imagine he is about 45ish. He is in a profession of some stature. Perhaps that has some affect, but doubtful. He is one of the few that doesn’t agree with showing proper appreciation but that aside his mannerism are off. If I went to someone else’s house, I would be gracious to the host. I don’t want to go into too many specifics due to preserving identity BUT either my dealing days will be shortened or more likely his invitation may get lost in the mail.

Thought of the day:
Rude people suck.


BadBlood said...

From my perspective, you are the best dealer in G-Vegas, raked games included. You're faster, less chatty (imagine that!) and know when to keep the action going.

For winning players, more hands/hour is more money/hour. And with you dealing, that's exactly what we get, a faster game.

I feel that having you as the dealer and tipping appropriately is win/win for a bunch of people.

On the downside, when you invite degenerate poker players into your house with a chance to win significant money, you'll get people with less than desirable personality traits.

I'm sure Mark has some of that guy's cash and can compensate you after the fact. :)

TeamScottSmith said...

GRob should really tip you occasionally. Bastard!

G-Rob said...


I am NOT 45!

Ms All In said...

You should know better, GRob! It isn't you but if you feel guilty about somthing.....??