What a weekend!

Life has been flying soaring.  It feels as if standing still will only make it get worse.  It is amazing that as kids we always feel that there is too much time and we didn’t have enough to do.  How ironic as we got older we were so anxious to have more to do that now that we have we wish we could have less.  That is life’s cycle.  

The cheer coaching thing has finally evened out.  Although I have to tell you the organization I chose are so highly disorganized that a drunken monkey could do a better job at running things.  I have just come to accept that nobody knows what they are doing and are afraid to step up and find out.  It drives me crazy for the little while and then I realize this is just one season and I only have another month left.  Besides, the oldest rug-rat loves it.  And I love football, even if it is little guys.  It is way too hard at TheMark to get someone to watch football with me.  What a bummer.  I have gotten used to it and now have no idea what is going on in the football world.

So between coaching, helping at school, and running the home front……..I need a break.  I got a brief one this weekend.  My best friend from grade school was in town and we hung out Friday night.  It was awesome catching up and laughing about old times.  She now lives back in Jersey and I very rarely get to see her.  She is a sweet person.  It is a shame she still doesn’t live here.  TheMark was filled with its usual crowd Friday night, so I wasn’t surprised to come back and see the place still rockin’.    They were very glad to see me walk in……dealer.  Of course, I accommodated.  Thank you boys for showing appreciation for the fine dealing I provided.  It was a nice night.  You are always welcome…..great bunch of guys. Saturday wasn’t much of anything.  We were lazy and it felt good.  The rug-rats tore up the house and we let them.  They were kind enough to clean most of it up before we agreed to take them to the mall.  TheMark was in rare form.  He allowed each of us to pick our favorite store and purchased something for each of us.  It was like Christmas came early.  Except on this Saturday the shopping gods were against me.  The oldest rug-rat bought clothes at Limited,too.  The youngest rug-rat picked a bear from Build-A-Bear-Workshop.  And I couldn’t finalize a damn thing, even after several stores.  It was sad.  I had him right were I wanted him and couldn’t go in for the close.  Just couldn’t find anything.  It was getting so bad that he even asked if I wanted to go into the Coach store.  I told him he didn’t bring enough of his bankroll for that store.  TheMark isn’t as up to date with pricing as one might think.   He just doesn’t know what things cost so it surprised him when I told him he needed like $500 to even get a wallet from that store…..

When we came home the rug-rats were spent and went to bed so easily.  I was depressed and needed a cup of relaxing tea after letting him get of the hook so easily.  

Sunday was much of the same easiness.  Except, I did go back to the mall and get a leather jacket I eyed the day before but didn’t purchase.  We shall see if that stays in the closet or not.

All in all it was a nice, relaxing weekend.  Now, that it is Monday, we are back to reality and back to work.  This poses a busy week for us but I am looking forward to next weekend……..Lake Keowee….here we come!  

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