It was Friday afternoon and we had a sitter lined up for the rugrats.  I wasn’t sure what the game plan was but I knew we were going out.  After the annual school fundraiser we headed back home to freshen up and be on our way.  

I grabbed a bottle of vino and the car headed downtown.  Our destination for the evening was Rick Erwin’s.  I love the atmosphere but was a little let down on the food.  I had the filet which you can never go wrong and it was awesome but the rest was somewhat unimpressive.  We sat at the bar for a drink to scope things out.  I had an excellent apple martini and TheMark had a heart palpitation.  After our first drink, we decided to stay where we were and eat so the kind bartender popped our vino and we continue to drink the entire bottle.  It was good stuff.  Needless to say I was feeling pretty happy by the time we left.  

We got a call from G-Rob mentioning he was at the G-Spot with the wifey, we should stop by.  I was like….hey …. Any time I can go to a G-Spot, I am in.  Sadly, I when we arrived we were at a bar called the Gathering Spot….lol
We still had an awesome time chatting it up.  I continued to drink, this time beer.  That was my down fall.  Not too soon after we were there FFF, his wife, and some of their friends, plus Uncle Ted all joined the table.  The clock struck midnight and we headed for the door.  The sitter was expecting us back soon.  It had been a long time since I have been able to let my hair down and have a good time.  Unfortunately it only lasted until about 2 AM when I was suddenly feeling the room spin and ran to the bathroom.  No more details are required.  I got out of bed the next day around 1 PM, too scared to eat a thing.  

SIDE NOTE:     Speaking of letting my hair down, it has been cut off.   Not exactly the way I wanted it but it will grow back.  So for those of you who haven’t seen me with short hair, the freak show tickets are a buck a piece.


After I got my butt out of bed, we headed down to the lake to relax and go for a boat ride.  It was cool some friends of our came along and we hung out, ate dinner, and rode for a short while.  No big deal and that is exactly what I needed anyway.  Although I did all the cooking and most of the cleaning but I am used to that anyway.  I doubt I’d know what to do if I got a day off not having to do a thing.  I’d probably go nuts.

Hope all had a great weekend.

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