TV time

Not too long ago, a friend who works at a local news network, called and ask if I would considered being interviewed about online gaming.  He was aware of my brief work with Absolute Poker and thought in light of the recent changes in the law an informative report was necessary.  I agreed.  I don’t consider myself remotely educated on the topic but with the little I do know, I feel the law is a ridiculous.  I am more deflated about the way in which it was finally slipped into motion than it actually getting passed.  I won’t get any further into how I personally feel about it.  


The reporter and cameraman came to my house to shoot it.  They were there for about 30 minutes or so.  It aired that evening (week ago) @ 5PM.   I liked the piece a lot.  My friend did a great job educating people on what online poker is all about.  I did ok.  Although, if I ever want a job on TV I need to work on my nervous habits a bit.  I should get a spokesperson‘s fee from Absolute Poker for the plugs, and pics that aired.  I will be sending a copy to a friend of mine at AP.  Perhaps, they will surprise me with a sponsored trip to a circuit event, plus buy-in……hello AP …. Anyone listening.  

Well, as far as my poker playing goes, it has come to a halt.  There are just too many other life activities demanding my time at the moment.   I try to get into some home games when I can but it doesn’t always look promising.  

Until next time…….good luck and good bye


G-Rob said...

I rule!

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