Getting away from it all

LEAF, here we come. This weekend marks the beginning of a special time @ The Mark. We are going RVing, without the RV. Yes, I know it’s called camping but RVing sounded so much better. We will be up in NC sitting outside with friends, old and new, hanging out and having fun. This will be our first time attending but I am already anticipating such an awesome time. The rugrats are coming and even an extra rugrat for good measure.
I am excited to get away from all the drama that has slowly creeped into my life lately. It seems as if I can’t catch up with the things that need to be done or even catch my breath for that matter. Nothing like getting back to nature, or at the very least escaping the phones and computers for a few days. I understand why people buy a lake house or mountain home. It is a place to leave all your other troubles/ responsibilities behind you for just a bit and un-wind.

In today’s society, it is the “norm” to run five different directions and still have energy for the home front. Well, I am getting to old to fast to rush through the best time in my life. So, I say let’s slow down and remember the big picture. For me, that picture includes my family and friends. I want all those close to me to understand how much they mean to me and what a difference they make in my life. I’d rather not be one of those people that spend their life going through the motions and not having “real”, genuine contact with others. I see a lot of times it has gotten to be a burden to be with family or friends. I feel badly for those people. They won’t experience love fully, especially if something tragic happens in their life. We all need people to lean on at some point. Most of my family is out of state and that hurts not having them close to me but I know without a doubt if I really needed any one of them, they would be at my house ASAP. Some families don’t have that,. I am truly lucky to have been raised in a family like that. My parents did a really good job with all of us. Thanks!

So this trip is a re-birth if you will of a more simple time before cell phones, computers, and my beloved Tivo. This will allow me to focus on my family and friends and really enjoy the people they are not just go through the motions.

Those not going……..call someone you haven’t spoken to in a long time and say hi! It’s amazing how wonderful it might feel.

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