Leaf as we know it

Leaf as we know it.

My LEAF experience started with a sick rugrat friend that needed to be brought back home after decided that she was just not ready to spend a weekend away from home.  After all, we are a bit strange and you’d have to be a bit nuts to want to spend the weekend with us anyway let alone freezing your butt off in a tent.  TheMark had commented a few times about the number of items that were being packed into the back of the car.  I kept telling him, “ya never know what you are going to need when you are out there”.   And I was right for the most part.  So after a delayed start we were on the road to LEAF.  

Big thanks to Otis and crew for setting up our tent the night before.  I know it was an added task that required a few more beers than necessary but we appreciated it greatly.  When we arrived all I could see were tents all over the place.  It was so cool.  We found our “city” and unpacked.  The rugrats loved being around the fire pit and running around in general.   Chefinski was in Shep’s kitchen for just about every meal.  One night it was grilled chicken the next gumbo.  I am telling you it was good stuff.  It put my hot dogs and brats to shame.  I had packed easy meals that could be done on a fire but with Chefinski at the wheel I didn’t really need anything.  Thank you so much for all your hard work and great eats.  Who knows perhaps we will be the next traveling food network star and we can all say that we know him.  

Over the span of the next couple of days we walked around to see the festivities, climbed a rock wall, got tattooed, listened to cool music from across the lake, went to a drum fire and sat by the fire pit with friend shooting the shit and roasting marshmallows.  But the highlight was watching these grown men play their card game (not poker) on the kid’s Disney Princess card table.  I think the rugrats played on it for the first 10 minutes after that the adults called it theirs.  They loved the attention it drew from the ladies.  It was like the had a dog or a kid around.  Other women were getting turned on by the Princess table.  Guess they figured; only a REAL man would play on that table with confidence.  I better take care of it for next year.  

We all had a blast.  What a great way to get away from it all.  When we arrived home Sunday afternoon, I was tired, sore, and felt sick as a dog but would do it all again without missing a beat.  Thanks again to everyone.  You made our trip fantastic.

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AlCantHang said...

All those big fancy bloggers out there at LEAF and you're the only one with any writeup. Kudos!

Sounds like a blast. I almost considered a last minute trip south.