November 06

Holy Crap….. It has been over a month.  November was a busy month for me.  The Cheer season came to a close in November and I went on a weekend trip with my mom to Florida.  

I didn’t realize coaching a bunch of girls would be that bad, I mean, I do have two of my own drama queens in training but still…  Thinking about it now multiply that times 9 and you have a lot to deal with.  Oh well, it was fun but I am glad it is over.  The late nights and the early mornings weren’t going so well.  

I took a weekend excursion to Florida with my mom to help her with her condo she is remodeling.  It was supposed to be a relaxing weekend by the beach with a couple of trip to the contractor.  It turned into a lot of trips to the contractor, who is a total ass, and one trip to the beach which is only two blocks down the street.  Figures.  Only I can be two blocks from the beach and barely step foot on it.  There will be more opportunity for that.  This condo was my grandparents who willed it to my mother when her mother passed away this summer.  It had been neglected for some time and needs a lot of maintenance.  We were able to lock in a cabinet guy and hopefully shape up this contractor she hired.  He thinks it is his place he is remodeling and wants to do everything his way.   It is the strangest thing I have ever heard.  Needless to say, the next time I see him I won’t hold back how I feel.  He treated me as if I was a stupid little girl that didn’t know anything AND then insulted my womanhood.  He was lucky I didn’t slap him.  It takes a lot for me to get to that point.  Not even a few rude poker players that frequent TheMark get me that upset.  But I had to hold it in for my mother’s sanity.  She is going through a lot right now and isn’t in the best medical condition to handle it all.  
While I was visiting I went to Melbourne Dog Track that has a card room upstairs.  They run single table tourneys for $45 and $1/2 limit.  I have been out of the limit field for a long time now, but decided to kill a little time.  I made $150 in 2 hours.  It was ok.  I was a bit bored but it killed some time and I walked away a winner.  We also went on the Sun Cruz.  It is a cruise ship.  I played $2/5 no limit and walked away up $100 which is surprising because every pot was raised to $25 pre-flop.  I was at a huge disadvantage.  They all knew each other and were playing hard.  The only thing on my side was they didn’t know me.  I had to show a few nut hands to get respect then I stole a few pots.  It was cool.  There weren’t any fantastic hands to speak of but a nice night out just the same.  The only drag is when you are pulling back in shore.  You have 45 minutes to sit and wait to get off the boat.  I guess it is worth it if you are making a good profit.

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