Not much Poker

As you can obviously see I have not be consistent by any means with my blogging. I have found it very difficult. I sit in front of this laptop and the words just can't make any sense. I haven't been playing poker so there isn't any information on that subject so what once started out as an outlet for my poker thoughts has evolved into something more. From now on I will be writing about whatever comes to my mind. Scary, I know.

This week I am occupied with four rugrats. No, I didn't given birth to twins last week. (ages: 2, 3, 3, 7) I am sitting for my sister. She has a home based business that includes going to conventions and that is where she will be this weekend. Her husband is a cop on midnight shift so..... I offered to help. My brother-in-law is as country as country gets. He is a good guy from a sketchy family. (not being judgemental, he would even agree) Mr. Country feels he has "farmed out" his rugrats. My sister and I disagree. Anytime I can help family or friends I do. It is who I am. I love doing it and will continue to help those I care about whenever I can. Perhaps, Mr. Countries family wasn't quite so. I know it is hard to be away from your rugrats for a week but I hope he understands that the only way his rugrats are going to know my family is by seeing us and the effort we make. Hence, me watching them. Don't get me wrong, I am only on day 3 of 7 so I know I will be biting my nails for them to go home by day 5 but I am having a blast now so that is all that matters. Plus, my sister has had some time to herself for a change and plan for her convention. (she needs time for her)
Our time will end on Monday when I will meet Mrs. Country to drop the kids off. I know she misses them but enjoys the private time too. Ain't no shame in that.

I am so glad "The Guys" (g-vegas) had so much fun in Tunica. It is always a blast to get away and unwind. It sucks to hear about the horrible beat The Mark took. Especially since I know as a poker player what that feels like and as a wife no Tiffany's box came home this trip. I told him it was OK since I had bought something in G-Vegas at my favorite store. (cache: putting on their clothes is like dipping yourself in chocolate).....pause.........had to wait for your fantasy to be over.... by the way, those that know me, know I am not conceited just a tease. Been that way for a long time now. :)

Perhaps, next trip can be a girls trip. Let me know if your interested. I can see what kind of trouble we can get into.... ;)

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