Just another cold

Well, yesterday afternoon I receive a phone call from my Md stating I do not have the flu but just a "bad" cold. His RX for me is a decongestion and some herbal tea....what the hell does he think I have been doing for the past week.

I guess I need to punch this thing in the head. One thing is for sure, I am tired of being tired and my house looked like a sick toddler has thrown up inside of it. Perhaps, I should start with that first.

BTW - I love poker after dark on NBC. The latest episode where we see Hellmuth's brattish behavior is awesome. To his defense he had a bunch of people picking on him but I think he just like to be in control and when he isn't he pulls his "fit". Nice to see poker pro's grinding it out a bit. Gus even plays tight....it is a cool sight.

check it out.

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