The Cats out of the Bag

It all started well over a month ago when a friend of mine called and told me about a wicked party in L.A. that we just had to go to. She is good like that. Always piggy back inviting me to places she goes in hopes that there are a few times that I can actually realign the cosmic forces and attend. I am lucky to have her as a friend. I am even more lucky to have a wonderful mother-in-law that loves my rugrats so much she is more than willing to watch them so Mark and I can go. To be honest, I have a lot of people that offered to watch the rugrats and some to even fly down to S.C. to do it. I have to say that isn't luck that is love. But back to the topic.

I made the decision to go with it and go to this party. I was going to try and surprise The Mark with it and just pack his bag and tell him we are going to the airport about 30 minutes before leaving but he found out early. No biggie. I am really excited about going. This fundraiser is going to be awesome. It was a hit last year. When JT invited me again this year I was bound and determined to make it. The fundraiser is held at the Playboy mansion. I just want the opportunity to see it for myself. Apparently, we can have a guided tour of at least a portion of the property. Perhaps I will get a photo w/ Hef and the girls.....perhaps not but I do know that a great time is guaranteed. The trip is short and sweet so The Mark doesn't lose work time. I am sure I will have a lengthy report after we return perhaps with some photos as well.

On a more grounded note. I woke up yesterday and wanted to do something outside since it hadn't been nice all last week. It was a beautiful day for the rugrats to play at the park. So the park it is. So I thought why not stay a couple of hours and bring some food. I told The Mark let's call some friends and see if they would like to join us. We got on the line with the Otis, Blood, and G-Rob families. We left one message, one who had family in from out of town and one yes. Great! The Otis's and The Mark's had a great time watching the rugrats play and eating some decent food. The chicken was great! Thanks Otis for cooking.... I am a novis on coals. I hope we can do this again with everyone. I will plan it a bit better next time. Sometimes my good ideas come at the very last moment.

I will be busy this week with MD appointments, kid activities, packing, and getting pretty for our trip. I love getting all dressed up and looking great but on a daily basis it is a bit more effort when I am running after a toddler so I am looking forward to my much needed primping.

Have a great Monday!


BadBlood said...

Have fun at the mansion! Of course, all pics should be forwarded to me.

I would have loved to come out yesterday and hang, but with the parents in town and the in-laws coming over, it was just bad timing. We'll definitely do it another time.

Otis said...

Thanks for the idea and the excuse to get out into the sun for a while. Oh, and i require video from this coming weekend.