So much so little time

I am not going to try recap the entire month that I have been away. As a wife, mom, and woman I am finding it more and more difficult to have a free moment to get on this thing. When I happen to nail down some free time, I'd rather just unwind with something else. it has gotten to be real busy for me lately. The family went to Florida for Spring Break and got back the day before Easter. We had a blast and the rugrats loved swimming in the pool, Disney, Sea World, the zoo, and the tons of other activities we did there. We stayed at my parents condo so we were able to go out one night without the rugrats. It was a great time. We celebrated Easter our traditional way....church, lunch, egg hunt, and relaxing...... Another great day!

I am trying to nail down a commitment from TheMark as to booking our tickets to LA for the charity event at the Playboy Mansion. At this point I am ready to leave him home. I am so excited. I told him it could be my Mother's Day and birthday present. Any reason for us to justify spending the extra money for the weekend. I just want to see the place, get a tour from a hot bunny, and perhaps go skinny dipping in the grotto. I have had several dreams of how our evening at the Mansion could go. Perhaps on e of them will come true...... only time will tell.

I'll keep you posted with the final outcome.

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AlCantHang said...

Man I'd love to go back there. Tell him to get on the ball!